How fast is TOO FAST for the street?

Theres always those stretches of road that are just asking for it, For the most part and in town I keep it within 5 to 10 MPH of the posted speedl limit, ( For the most part )

Then theres those roads that travel beside a sod farm with no Driveways no intersections and flat so you can see forever. ( OKLAHOMA Remember ) This is where I have opened her up before and pegged the speedo. ( Switched out to 220 gauges no more pegged speedo )

Just be smart and watch whats in front of you, You will be suprised how quickly you catch something at 170 MPH
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Any speed in excess of the posted limit is intolerable!
:rulez: Always stay within the posted speed restrictions, no matter what!!!:rulez:

Do as I say, don't do as I do.:laugh:
IT depends on (1) how good your lawyer is, (2) how much you have to lose, and (3) how willing you are to lose it.