Hoolgans or Wheelie Record


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I have a friend who is a Excellent stunt rider. He wants to Wheelie get this 30 miles. He has done 14 miles already. I have seen the Video and have some pics. I thinks it's cool, not my thing. Time and place for everything. But it would be HARD to find a place other then the Street to Wheelie that Long. Thoughts just wanted to Share..

Ok boys & girls. This Sunday it's on again. Last Sunday I wheelied 14 miles. This Sunday I'm shooting for over 30+ miles. Need some blockers and riders with go pros to film it. We already have Billy Sardone Pruductions as the main filmographer but some extra cameras can't hurt. And as many riders/blockers will always bring a good time.

BTW: Love the Gear LOL!!




Top Gun
He should get the media and local law enforcement involved. Who knows, they my provide an escort for the record breaking event.
He'll need about another 120 miles to break the record.
After you get the wheelie up and under control, it all comes down to how much road you have.
I've done 2 miles, have a friend who's done over 5.
Didn't need blockers either, just no traffic.:beerchug:


Guy is running a flat back tire from that pic?
Yeah its intentional so the bike is more stable and easier to wheelie for extended periods of time. If he is serious why not contact Guinness World Records and set something up to break a record? I really don't understand why you want to just wheelie down a road for that long and risk trouble or danger for no other reason? theres thousands of people on youtube doing the same thing already..... hardly moves the needle IMO :whistle:

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