1000 wheelie and another


We went out annd got some pics of wheelies and burnouts. Mostly video footage of wheelies and crap. My boy is on his 1000, and then my partner on his 996 clutched a wheelie thinking it was in second and it was in first.......needless to say he flipped it.

Sorry to hear about your buddy and his bike. Is he ok? This is my biggest fear about trying to lift the front tire.
Ouch tht is sad.... I hope it is mostly his pride that was hurt?
Scratch..one Honda Hawk..ouch...glad he's not hurt....
looks like good weather there ,cold here but could'a rode today. Some bikes out in Nevada..won 838.00 gambling..wife drove our car and major smoke came out of the headlight switch
now i know what to fix hehehe..always something..lights were dim a few days ago..on lowbeam....problem solved..
Ouch…  That looks expensive, your partner looked OK, except for his pride.

Thats why I don’t do wheelies anymore, came close too many times.
Yeah he's fine..........I was puttin my camera back in "the Hump" and heard a crash......I turned around and here goes his bike slidin down the road.....I turned a little more and here he comes on his back........he got right up.......one little scrape on his knee................

like you guys said, mostly his pride.
Glad to hear your friend is ok...The bike looked like it had alot of dmg done to it. I've had the front wheel up quite a few times but with all the mis haps ive been seeing, I might be cutting down with them.
1st, hope your bud is ok.

2nd, that's why I don't do that kind of stuff. WHen I first got the busa all I could think of doing was getting that wheel up (moved from a Katana that is a rock in front)... Did a few times then realized that the busa's my baby...I love it so much, just wouldn't want to increase my chances of wadding it...so, no more.