hayabusa as a first bike can be done!!!


I never rode a motorcycle and took a two week class last summer.we drove 250 suzuki.then this summer i purchased an 07 busa and put 4000 miles on it already.so if you take a training course before hand you can handle it as your first bike.but only if you have extreme self control and patience and maturity.if you dont then you will die
Welcome to the oRg! Or you will die? :banghead: Glad you joined and have the maturity to handle the big girl, she is a beast, but will surely only perform as the rider requests. It is hard to explain to someone that has never ridden one, she can be gentle and easy going if you want her to be. :welcome:
I think owning a Busa has more to do with rider strength than anything. My Gsxr1000's were way more of a death trap than my Busa.. It's just the added weight that'll get ya with the Busa.

And where's the pics?
i agree it can be done but its based on person to person like you mentioned. most guys getting into riding and pick a busa usually just wanna wack the throttle. it doesnt take long before you hear of a mishap.
my first street bike was vmax. busa as a first bike im ok with that , natural selection will weed out the stupid
Thanks guys been visiting this site for info long before i got sheila(thats what i call her now ha!)and you guys advice has helpes tremendously.
I have people ask me all the time is it as hard to ride as people say? I tell them no. She is gentle as a kitten until you want the power and then hang on for dear life!
Anybody with a familiarity of how a motorcycle works can get on a busa and ride it.... I met a guy once on a busa who's rear tire was worn down almost to nothing in the middle and it looked brand new on the side walls. All he did was put on a noisy stubby exhaust rev it at lights and park at the gas stations trying to pick up women. He only rode it around the city trying to look cute and Never even opened it up on a highway :hide: So technically he rides a hayabusa but in actuality he cant ride worth a chit and should have that busa taken off him and be forced to ride a pink vespa with rainbow streamers :rofl: The moral of this story is don't be that guy :rulez:
Yeah your right about the 250.and as far as that guy with the worn tires i could never be that guy.i love to ride highway street curves twisties scenic fast slow you name it.i only really truly somewhat opened it up three times.only because there are so many cops around and im still wet behind the ears.i slowed down to like thirty on the e way and punched it to 120 then backed off
im taking baby steps all the way man i dont want to get too confident.though i would love to go to a track when i get good enough.
You will not learn to ride as well riding a fast bike slow as you will a slow bike fast. Sure you can cruise around on a Busa like it was a Harley and be just fine. Just because you didn't kill yourself doesn't mean it was a good decision.
it was definately a good decision for me.and i dont ride slow anymore.and definately dont cruise like a harley.every time i ride i am working on specific skills.
I been stretching first to 80 second to 120(depending on the accuracy of speedometer).downshifting on freeway all the way to second.making cuts on freeway in third at 90.i am really concerned about improving my skills.been working on the one cheek off for cornering.leaving my hands relaxed ect