Hardley Sales Rep Sees The Light


Today my friends and I rode for about 3 hours, and ended up at Hannum's HD at rt 202 and 1 in PA for our break. While we were in the parking lot recooping, a sales rep came up to me and asked if I was happy with the Busa. I said yep, been completely happy with it, and he said he'd always wanted one b/c he sees them all the time at the racetrack. I told him I was really happy with mine, and that I could ride it for decent periods of time w/o getting sore or burnt out.

He said he's always loved them and needed to find a way to get one one day. Sorry pal, you're not gettin mine!



I stop at a Harley shop from time to time just to pick up a sleezy rider mag. Sales guys are always right on ya trying to sell a bike. I tell them if they have something on the floor that is faster & handles better than what I'm riding I'll take it. Naturally they ask what are you riding?  That red Hayabusa out there I answer. They normally say that they don't have anything faster than that so I tell them the only thing I'll be buying here today is a magazine.

Same dealer, I was scoping a V-ROD B model when they came out, a black one with the black frame. Sales guy starts his pitch & I ask how do you adjust the front suspension on this thing. He tells me that you change the air pressure in the front tire.

The place is always good for a few yuks. Sometimes I'll hang around, have a smoke & watch the riders come & go. Its interesting how they adjust their riding gear. Those sun glasses have to be on just right :~)


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My brother lives not to far from that dealership! He is in Avondale and my mother lives on Hartfeld golf course! We should hook up the next time I am out for a visit!