A Hardley bites the dust


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Went to a crash yesterday. A decked out 1998 Hardley pulled out of a store and tried to beat traffic. Hit a landscape trailer in the side and got flipped and barrell rolled for about 50 yards before catching on fire and burning up. All that wasn't burned was about 8 inches of the back fender and the tag. The dude was messed up pretty bad. I never saw a helmet so if he was even wearing one I don't know where it went.

That is the first bike crash I've went to since getting back into riding and getting the busa. I now look at it in a different way. You know, the "could be me" way. It's always just been some guy on a bike. Now, it's a fellow rider, even when it's a Hardley. I can see it from both sides. Kinda funky...

Anyway, one thing really stuck in my mind. How utterly useless jeans were in the crash. I guess I had lulled myself into a false sense of security in jeans. I mean, denim is some tough stuff. It never really struck me at any of the previous bike crashes I've been to, but yesterday it hit me that they are all the same. Denim jeans shred and give very little protection.

I have no choice for now but to go with jeans until I lose some weight and get into proper gear, but I know I won't feel nearly as secure in my jeans after yesterday. I've gotta hit the gym harder and get my butt reduced faster so I can find some riding leathers. If you have 'em, wear 'em. If you don't have 'em... GET SOME!

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Wow...that's an eye opener isn't it? I too have lulled myself in to a false sense of security in jeans, and suffer from the "won't happen to me syndrome" from time to time...I always wear the full-face helmet and heavy leather coat, but beyond that, I'll be one of those "statistics" that didn't do enough...

I've already mentioned buying leathers, so I think it's something I'll get for Christmas (I hope)...

Sorry the Harley crashed; hope the guy is okay...
yep. jeans might as well be gause. Now I'm looking for basic OVER-pants leather pants. something to pull on over work slacks and be safer.

Aside: went riding with a buddy couple days ago JACKETLESS for the first time in a long time [cuz it was REAL NICE out] and didn't really enjoy the ride as I felt SO UNSAFE. You CAN program your mind however you need to... program it for protection!

BT are you a paramedic or ambulance chaser?
To answer for BT...he's a police officer WWJD...sees things we'd rather not ever think about I'm sure...

It's funny...on my Harley, I did go out riding with just a t-shirt and half-helmet and for some reason, it just felt like it was okay...I wouldn't even think about it now that I have my Busa...a lot of that comes from knowing you guys on the board and hearing about when things go wrong...

Hate to say it, but the Harley crowd, myself included, just don't think it'll happen to us...I have close friends that wear skid lids, even helmetless in a state where it's illegal because they hate helmets...I haven't seen that much in my area with sport bike riders...
BT are you a paramedic or ambulance chaser?
Neither... popo.

Here's a photo of one piece other than the rear fender and tag that was still identifiable. A piece off of the saddle bags.

And here's the ugly sumbich that was hanging around outside my door this morning.

Ouch...and that's just a small piece of leather and metal from a bag? Any way you can find out if the guy's going to be okay BT? Being on the scene of a motorcycle accident has to be one of the worst things to see...
So, you take pics of your victims?! Isn't that borderline psychotic?!

The EMT's and the ER said his injuries appeared non-life threatening. He will hurt for a LONG time though. :sad:
:) I hate helmets too, and the cost of leather, and these boots are annoying... but then again, I drive a Civic that has bumpers, airbags, crumple zones and friggin seatbelts I used to hate, but I never think twice about those parts now. It just 'is'. Whachu got on a bike? Nuttin honey! :D

Stack the odds: learn to love leather
And here's the ugly sumbich that was hanging around outside my door this morning.
Damn, your camera is incredible...not nice to look at that spider due to the "willys" affect it has on most, but the detail, as always, is incredible...
Yeah, but this wasn't made with the good camera. Would have been even better. Battery was dead in it.

Oh, and I never claimed to be sane. I don't photograph ALL of my victims, though. ;)
I hear ya BT. A little history of myself, when I was young and dumb(18 years ago, before helmet laws in CA) I had an old shovelhead. Rode it around in nothing but a t-shirt. Decided I wanted to go faster than it could go, so I got rid of it and bought a sportbike. It took me a while(a couple of minor crashes) to get where I rode with my leathers on all the time. In Jan. of this year I was taken out on my CBR929 by an older gentleman not paying attention. After watching people go down in the canyons on the weekends and me getting hit, I decided I was too old for a sportbike. I went and bought another HD and rode it around in nothing but a t-shirt and skull cap. My thinking was that, just because it didn't go as fast and I couldn't lean it as far, I didn't need full leathers anymore. Well three weeks ago I got rid of the HD(not to old after all) and bought the 'busa. Once again I ride in full leathers and feel like a normal person again. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I think the type of bike you ride, designates the amount of protection you think you need. Right or wrong, most HD people have to look cool over having protection.
Just curious, anyone tried/seen 'Draggin Jeans'? I know they are no substitute for leathers, but do they hold up better than regular jeans?

Bullet, good choice on Hindle, I love mine.
You mean it is not a good idea to do 180 wearing my tank top shorts and flip flops and baseball hat turned backwards ....for less drag ?

ah come on i saw this movie er what was it ? ... biker boyz ..yea that was it and they were doing cool stuff like that !!

so i can do it too ... right :super:

.... well if you see it on the screen it is true !!.... NOT !!!!!

stay safe and always be ready for anything !!!! :cool:
Just curious,  anyone tried/seen 'Draggin Jeans'?  I know they are no substitute for leathers, but do they hold up better than regular jeans?

Bullet, good choice on Hindle, I love mine.
Buddy of mine has been wearing them for a couple of years, no complaints. Should offer a bit more protection.

BULLETRAIN, Thanks for the input...Now I'll be worrying again... I am thining something from Aerostitch might be in order....

Great pics... Later Bro..
*This message has been brought to you by the Bullet Train foundation for the preservation of rider azz. Donations always accepted.   :D

I have a full set of leathers but to be brutally honest, I only wear the jacket when riding. I too took my first ride of the seasson without the jacket...

And I kept thinking of you guys, I was kinda embarassed.