A Hardley bites the dust

I was just in CO for a week and rented a Duc Monster 900. CO is a helmet law-less state, and almost as soon as I touched down I saw lots of guys running around on their bikes without much protection at all. A few days later I tried going up the street from the cabin I was renting with just my helmet at then without.

Gave me the willies -- I didn't like the noise, the wind in my eyes, or the feeling of vulnerability. My riding was compromised by the sensory overload.

I am a full-time rider -- any time, any weather -- and have quite a diversity of gear, just so that I wouldn't ever had an excuse to be unprotected. Everything from a pair of Aramid/Kevlar jeans to leathers to a RoadCrafter suit for riding long distances in questionable weather.

Riding without the right gear in traffic is asking for trouble and ain't an especially bright thing to do, no matter what you ride.
I've been trying to get motivated to buy leather pants for like 6 months now.. heheh.. and the main reason I wanted them was for drag racing (can't run over 125 without full leather) ... I'm not sure if I'll wear them for normal riding or not... even thought I know I should .
YOu've been post dredging, huh?