Going GoPro Wild Tomorrow


Will let ya know how the vibration is with the mirror block off mount and the tail section/suction cup,helmet mounted is always smooth.


Am I the only one that gets very jealous to hear of someone planning an enjoyable ride this time of year?


Well,I've come to the conclusion that a camera mounted anywhere other than on your helmet just ain't worth squat.Tried the mirror block off one I just got for $50 and didn't work any better than the one I made(still had the vibrations caused by somewhat rough roads).Same with the suction cup mounted on the tail(on which I didn't have the camera itself tightened enough,the suction cup held fine but vibration caused the camera to not only record what was behind me but also the asphalt and the sky :rofl:).I have the helmet mounted recording being uploaded right now on YouTube and will post it later(nothing special,just with a couple of friends coming down the hill into Lake Elsinore...on a sunny,76 degree day...in December :whistle: :firing:).

(and have never tried to/learned how to edit so just skim through it :laugh:)


I have found that anything on the front of the bike is boring because you can't see the bike or the speedo/tech on the shot. Anything pointing backwards is really boring because of the lens on the GoPro - it needs something in the foreground to look interesting. Mounting a camera low on the bike increased the sense of speed but reduces the sense of lean. So I agree the best shot is a helmet cam.


Something looks really weird here,like the resolution is all messed up(is much clearer on my computer than when viewed on the YouTube site).Oh well,my old man always did say I could fuk up a wet dream.:laugh:

(guess it wouldn't hurt to read the manual,pretty sure I had it set to record on 1080p but seems to default or something...anybody know what the hell I screwed up?:laugh:)



It's weirdin' me out big Arch,where it's downloaded into my computer it's crystal clear/bright/steady,etc.,but when I view it on YouTube it's kinda dark/blurry/sketchy,etc.Guess I'll go on the GoPro site and read up.:laugh:I don't know squat about recording in a particular resolution,etc.(like maybe if it's better to record on a lower one when moving on a bike and maybe on 1080p while more stationary,or?)Open to any and all suggestions from the peanut gallery!:laugh:Including the extra battery and black housing I ordered today I'm into this thing for $500(oops,$550 including that sorry ass mirror block off mount:moon:)so I gotta get it figured out...and if not,I'm not above throwin' it in front of a fast movin' semi.:laugh:


Well I usually record speedy stuff at 720P and 60 FPS. This seems to work well on youtube and you can't really see a problem unless you put Youtube on the TV screen (65"). Youtube has it's own compression software so when you load it the file is re-formatted. My Hero 3 is pretty awesome at 1080P though and the original files always look better than Youtube. If you are seeing motion problems from Youtube it might be your internet connection as the file looks decent to me. There is some notchyness but generally ok.


After looking at your you tube ride. What about mounting on your upper chest like a body cam. The helmet cam is to sensitive every time you move your head, It is not in tune with your bike. You have no gloves, No caps for shock adjusters, No steering cap cover. I am going to look in to a strap around the neck area right below your throat. Or make one. It looks good though.
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