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hi people,

hoping somebody can help me out before Monday. I replaced the fuel pump in my 99 busa as the old one was faulty. Since swapping out the pump it doesn't prime when the ignition is on. I've done a direct jump on the battery and pump runs. I've swapped with another ecu still no go. The relay has been checked and seems to be ok it clicks twice with the ignition on and the a final click off after a few seconds. I've check all the wireing and seems to be no lose connectors. The error code is c41 so I'm stuck as I've read thread after thread and I can't get to the bottom of mine.

hoping someone will be able to help.



Would your old one prime but just didn't have pressure, or was it doing the same thing?


Have you tried checking the power at the pump plug (bike side) when you turn on the key. With the pump unplugged?


seems to be no power through the harness. Took the harness that goes from pump and injectors off and seem to have a power issue with the harness that leads to the ecu. Any idea what this harness is officially called?

also how can it still power the relay I'm puzzled


can anybody point me in the direction to the fuel pump relay fuse. According to alot of posts these can blow and I'd like to check it but can't seem to find the fuse on my bike.

many thanks


Nice avatar btw

I think there is a fuse marked 'fuel' in the main fuse box at the front of the bike under the left half shroud.


so turns out a blown fuse. Got some new ones and the busa is all happy again. Now to hope it doesn't blow again otherwise I gotta work out why it's blowing.

thanks everyone for your help your all amazing and this forum is fantastic.


the old one would cut in and out. When riding it would stutter
In what way? I've read a lot of people having similar problems to mine that dies occasionally when going slow in traffic and also lack power above 7-8000 rpm, but no one can pinpoint the problem.
Your bike runs perfectly now after fuel pump swap?
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