1. wreckwriter

    Gen 2 ecu pinout?

    Anyone got one or can direct me to where to find it in the service manual? My fuel gauge has stopped working and the last thing I did was installed Woolrich system which requires messing with the ecu pins. Previously the whole dash stopped working and went back and pushed all the pins in and...
  2. busa44

    Fuel Pump Power

    hi people, hoping somebody can help me out before Monday. I replaced the fuel pump in my 99 busa as the old one was faulty. Since swapping out the pump it doesn't prime when the ignition is on. I've done a direct jump on the battery and pump runs. I've swapped with another ecu still no go. The...
  3. jasonc32amg

    Flash/tune A 2001?

    Hey folks, I've come across a very low mile one owner '01 and I'm trying to find out if the 16bit ecu can be flashed. I've seen a couple references to it but I have also seen discussions of people swapping to a 32bit ecu.If it's that big of an issue I'd rather just look for a nice example with...
  4. ecu flashing issue

    ecu flashing issue

  5. ecu flashing issue

    ecu flashing issue

  6. ecu flashing issue

    ecu flashing issue