fuel pump

  1. Narcissus

    Fuel Pressure Regulator and Pump Testing

    Hi there. I'm hoping someone has experience with the in-tank gen-1 pumps. My pump is toast from tank rust. I found a new replacement on Amazon for $30. The fuel pressure regulator, however, has surface rust on it, so I'm sure if it'll be a problem. Unfortunately, to get a new regulator...
  2. B

    Fuel Pressure Regulator Return Line

    Newbie asking for help: Bought a 2000 Busa last year. Nice running bike, but ugly so I took all the bodywork off the bike to be painted. Then got screwed around by the painter as it took nearly a year to get the work done. Good thing it was very cheap, but I had to wait on him. Putting it...
  3. V

    2001 Hayabusa Boggs And Sputters Help!!!!!! Please And Thank You

    My 2001 Hayabusa is having some crazy issues. The bike will idle at about 1600 rpm with no problem. As i start to ride it starts off fine. After about 10-20 minutes, my rpm will drop to barely 1k and the bike will start puttering and bucking as if no fuel. Recently i was riding and it started...
  4. busa44

    Fuel Pump Power

    hi people, hoping somebody can help me out before Monday. I replaced the fuel pump in my 99 busa as the old one was faulty. Since swapping out the pump it doesn't prime when the ignition is on. I've done a direct jump on the battery and pump runs. I've swapped with another ecu still no go. The...
  5. busa44

    Fuel Pump Problem

    Hey, Unfortunately my fuel pump was clogged (1999 hayabusa) and the bike was running rough. I've disassembled the pump and cleaned it. The filter was rather dirty. My issue now is I cant get the orange/brown plastic cover back over the filter and spring. The rubber o-ring just won't press in...