Fuel Pressure Regulator Return Line


Newbie asking for help: Bought a 2000 Busa last year. Nice running bike, but ugly so I took all the bodywork off the bike to be painted. Then got screwed around by the painter as it took nearly a year to get the work done. Good thing it was very cheap, but I had to wait on him.

Putting it back together I realize the bike has a modified fuel system, but a year later I can't remember exactly how it came apart. The fuel comes from the tank to an inline filter, then a Bosh fuel pump, and then to an aftermarket fuel rail. There is a line from the fuel rail that goes to a Bosch Fuel Pressure Regulator (0 280 160 237) with a return line (which has a dry-break fitting on the end), but I have no idea where to fit the return line?!?!? The bottom of the tank has the stock fittings; there are no other lines that have a matching dry-break fitting and no other lines going back to the tank.

Pictures attached - any help is greatly appreciated.


Tank>>>inline pump>>>Tee (one leg of T to fuel rail,...other to secondaries)>>>from opposite end of fuel rail>>> regulator>>>>return to tank



Petcock is the feed on a 99-00 tank which is what you have
Return is just the nipple on the tank. Almost looks like take white plastic piece out and stick hose to nipple