1. Down1Undah

    Exhaust Cam and Chain

    Gen 1 2006 Hello everyone ran into a problem during valve adjustment, Found out some of the valve clearances on the exhaust side were out of spec, changed them and went to put in my exhaust cam, but I am having a lot trouble with putting the exhaust cam back in while keeping it in time with the...
  2. M

    2001 Busa Loses Power and Blows Fuel Fuse

    I’ve got a 2001 Hayabusa I’ve been rebuilding for the better part of 6 months. Took it on the road today and ran fine for about 20 minutes before it seemed like a small power loss. 6th gear tried to give it some throttle (full throttle). Sounded like it slipped or burped around 7k rpm then...
  3. Down1Undah

    Low Beam No Power

    Gen 1 2006 I will get straight to the point here with the issue I am having - Low beam I believe is not receiving power The female connection for the bulb pins does not seem to have any power when tested via test light Fuse checked and good, bulb checked and tested, also good High beam also...
  4. childwithabusa

    Need Help Dont know where to start

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Need Help Dont know where to start. Please add to the discussion here.
  5. Need Help Dont know where to start

    Need Help Dont know where to start

    my recently bought 2006 Hayabusa has problems I don't know where to start. the bike has a pcV on it not sure what tune it has, it will occasionally die at random while really getting on it, it surges and bogs down as the headlight will go in and out, the previous owner told me it might need a...
  6. V

    velocity stage 1 turbo rebuild kit?

    kinda new to turbos but i bought a gen1 busa with a velocity stage 1 kit a few weeks ago, ran perfect until this past weekend when it started to run like crap. checked the bike up and down and found out i have a MASSIVE oil leak coming from the turbo. i'm not absolutely sure on the exact size of...
  7. L

    Fuel Injectors not spraying

    I have a buggy with what I think is a 2007 hayabusa motor and I am having some problems with it not starting. I had it running fine about an hour before the problem started. It cranks and will run for a little while on starter fluid so I think its the fuel system. I checked the fuel lines and I...
  8. HoseIRMC

    Gen 1 Major Issues After Rebuild

    Just looking to see what peoples opinion is on what could've went wrong when I paid my local shop $3500 to rebuild my motor on my 2001 Busa. As soon as it got out of the shop I knew something wasn't right. I called and they said its because its brand new and it just has to break in. Okay, no...
  9. darkbusa

    2011 330 Osd Or 2016 Hd Night Rod

    ok this its my situation. I want to make my 2011 busa to 330 osd. But some people recommend to me change the bike for the 2016 harley davidson night rod they say its more confortable and looks good and all those things. what you guys think. HELP i dont want to make the wrong decision
  10. busa44

    Fuel Pump Power

    hi people, hoping somebody can help me out before Monday. I replaced the fuel pump in my 99 busa as the old one was faulty. Since swapping out the pump it doesn't prime when the ignition is on. I've done a direct jump on the battery and pump runs. I've swapped with another ecu still no go. The...
  11. G

    Any Reputable Mechanics In Maryland?

    So after much abuse of the search engine here in the forums AND on Google, I figured that I would post this question. Does anyone know of any GREAT mechanics here in Maryland? I don't mind traveling to the right guy. I have a bad chain break at high speeds. My 07 Busa has been sitting since...
  12. J

    Help!!! Need A Base Map For Velocity Stage Ii Turbo Kit Using Microtech!

    Needless to say I bought a used stage 2 velocity turbo kit and the base tune is completely screwed up. I need someone that can screen shoot a velocity map so I can manually enter the numbers and send me a pic of it or email it. I only have the handset right now so I really need a screen shot...
  13. yarrie

    Removing Rear Cowl (key Doesn't Activate Latching System)

    Hi guys, some time ago i replaced my rear light unit. All was well and good until i tried to open my trunk. my key doesnt seem to do anything, as i don't feel any resistance when i turn it. i removed my front seat and was able to push in and lift the two plastic "hook looking" things, attached...