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I have a buggy with what I think is a 2007 hayabusa motor and I am having some problems with it not starting. I had it running fine about an hour before the problem started. It cranks and will run for a little while on starter fluid so I think its the fuel system. I checked the fuel lines and I have fuel and pressure all the way to the fuel rail. I pulled off the fuel rail and found that the injectors aren't spraying when I try to start the buggy. I charged the battery and then tested the plug on one of the injectors and I am getting about 9.6 volts for 4 seconds after I turn the key. Is that too low? Could this be my problem and if so, how would I fix it? I have also seen that I am pretty new to hayabusas and problems like this so any advice would be helpful.
Im pretty sure the battery is fine. I charged it fully and it read 12.7 volts. I will have to check for shorts. The wiring on this buggy is a mess.
Im pretty sure the battery is fine. I charged it fully and it read 12.7 volts. I will have to check for shorts. The wiring on this buggy is a mess.

Have you had the battery load tested?
What does the voltage drop to whole cranking? Could be charging to 12.7 and have a dead cell maybe?
Take a look at this, hope it helps, I'll also put up the FI Circuit diagram, if that helps also . . . sorry bout the poor resolution, not sure how to save a page from this document, so I just took a pic of my computer screen, as you can tell . . lol.


Usually with voltage drops like this one,(at the batt voltage terminal on inj conn plug) it's either a bad battery as has been mentioned by others here, or . . . a poor ground connection/terminal connection.
Check all connections and use the circuit diagram (if you can read it) to check continuity between battery voltage feed wires to injector plug terminals, and also the signal wires from ECU pins (circuit diagram shows these for No's 1,2,3,4) to injector plug terminals.
It may very well be a connection issue . . . you said the wiring is a mess, so looks likely.
So I did some testing and I have have full 12.3 volts on the yellow and red wires running to the injectors. I checked the resistance on the grey wires between the plugs and the ecu and got around .6 ohms of resistance. Is that to much resistance? I checked the yellow and red wires and they had 0 ohms of resistance. Does that mean I have a short or bad connection in the grey wires.

I attached a colored wiring diagram I found below.


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That wiring diagram is for a Gen 2 with 8 injectors, 4 primary and 4 secondary.
Does your motor have 8 injectors?
If not, it's a Gen 1 motor.
Do you have a Noid lamp like this one . .

It plugs into the injector connector plug and as you crank the engine, it should flash the LED in it if there is a voltage signal up to the injector.
They are fairly cheap to buy, if you do not have one, I suggest you buy one for testing purposes.
9pc Electronic Fuel Injection Noid Light Test Signal Set Tester GM Ford Bosch 689958310982 | eBay
Re the 0.6 ohms you tested in all the grey wires, I really do not know what is acceptable, I can not test mine because it's all ready to go for a ride in the morning, BUT, maybe someone else here could check their inj ector wiring resistance, or already knows what is ok and what is not ok.
I will say this, 0.6 ohms is very low resistance and may only be the natural resistance of the wire anyway. Not 100% sure though. My meter can not read that low on the ohms scale, it's not a high quality meter, just a relatively cheap one, not even auto-ranging lol.
I suggest you check the resistance values of the yellow/red wires to compare, maybe? Oh, and with the key turned OFF, but I figure you know this already lol.
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