1. GXR1147

    Upgrading RCC stage 1, now has issues.

    installed a RCC stage 1 kit about 3 years ago, had frank at powerhouse tune it and all was great. Zero complaints or issues. Then I wanted more boost. Picked up a first version RCC ultra plenum (used, off the internet() and the other parts needed, including 60# injectors (new), from frank at...
  2. F

    Wet Nitrous Fuel Tap Help.

    Hello everyone i have decided to install a wet kit on my gen 1 busa. Ive installed nitrous on a car before where i tapped the fuel feed from the fuel filter banjo bolt. My question is can i purchase a fuel rail tee for the busa and get fuel from there or will it cause lean conditions. Do i...
  3. J

    Fuel Pump Disassembly Help Please, 99-00

    Hi Guys, just stripping my fuel pump and after removing the pump from its housing how do i remove the plastic cage/filter from the housing. It seems solid in there? Photo attached.