1. I

    Hayabusa gen 1 1300 GSXR stottering bad throttle response misfiring only under load or half throttle

    Hello hayabusa community, Sorry for my english but i am from germany and try my best. I have a problem with my hayabusa gen 1 engine which is fitted in a desert buggy. we got it from a friend. It was build by an american company and everything worked perfekt. The buggy stood 5 years outdoor in...
  2. L

    Hayabusa has gas and spark but wont start.

    So my 2007 hayabusa buggy wont start again. It cranks strong. We tested it by jump starting it. It has spark at the spark plugs. It has fuel to the cylinders and the injecters are spraying well. What else could it be? Any ideas?
  3. L

    Fuel Injectors not spraying

    I have a buggy with what I think is a 2007 hayabusa motor and I am having some problems with it not starting. I had it running fine about an hour before the problem started. It cranks and will run for a little while on starter fluid so I think its the fuel system. I checked the fuel lines and I...
  4. GXR1147

    Upgrading RCC stage 1, now has issues.

    installed a RCC stage 1 kit about 3 years ago, had frank at powerhouse tune it and all was great. Zero complaints or issues. Then I wanted more boost. Picked up a first version RCC ultra plenum (used, off the internet() and the other parts needed, including 60# injectors (new), from frank at...
  5. F

    Wet Nitrous Fuel Tap Help.

    Hello everyone i have decided to install a wet kit on my gen 1 busa. Ive installed nitrous on a car before where i tapped the fuel feed from the fuel filter banjo bolt. My question is can i purchase a fuel rail tee for the busa and get fuel from there or will it cause lean conditions. Do i...
  6. J

    Fuel Pump Disassembly Help Please, 99-00

    Hi Guys, just stripping my fuel pump and after removing the pump from its housing how do i remove the plastic cage/filter from the housing. It seems solid in there? Photo attached.