Major fuel issue


OK I have a 2000 hayabusa. It slowly started loosing power, then would not go over 7k rpms. I then noticed no fuel coming out of the injectors into the ports. So I took the fuel pump apart, put in new fuel filter and cleaned it. (yes micro mesh screen as well) I also had my injectors cleaned and tested and all are up to standards and ohms are good. I upgrades to new fuel lines and routed so no kinks in lines. I also added a new fuel pump regulator as well.

Now I go to start the bike and no fuel is coming out of the injectors. I turn on the key and hear the pump priming and listen to it run. To test everything I spared starter fluid in to the system and it runs, then dies. There is just no fuel coming out of the pump to the injectors. I tested the electrical current to the injectors and there right on target with the amount of electrical current needed.

I have no error codes and no F1 light. I about to just torch this bike, please help!

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