1. T

    2004 Hayabusa LE

    2004 Suzuki Hayabusa Limited Edition Only 3,704 miles (not a typo) Completely stock, no mods and in excellent condition. I'm the second owner. Previous owner always had the bike maintained by Suzuki. Clear Virginia title in my name. Always garage kept since new. Included in sale is an XL...
  2. djbaselle


    For sale/ For trade for car of equal value. Suzuki Hayabusa brand new condition with only 2000+ miles never dropped. Over 15,000 invested. Custom paint custom air ride 360 fat tire kit custom headlight custom taillights. Alarm, LEDs, Exhaust . So Much more. Bike handles well. Breaks necks...
  3. M

    2008 Suzuki Hayabusa no dash lights or brake light

    Was riding last night lights just went out help!
  4. J

    04’ Busa

    Hey guys had my visa little over a year and just finished getting everything the way I like it. What do you guys think ?
  5. Hayabusa - 1 (Gif).gif

    Hayabusa - 1 (Gif).gif

    '02 Busa before fairing change and chrome trim upgarde
  6. bussassin417

    '02 Busa Fuel Line ID and OD

    My first post, be friendly ! Getting bike ready to track, changing hoses and lines to braided. What's '02 Busa fuel hose (line) diameters ( ID & OD ) ? Want to order hose before bike to disassembled. thx in advance
  7. T

    Gen 2 turbo busa hunt

    Afternoon ladies and gents, For a year or so now I’ve been wanting a street legal gen 2 busa turbo. Now I found one sold by GT’ motorcycles in Plymouth (south west England) in 2013. Which is very local to me. It was built by big cc producing 525bhp. VRN; W13GSX I’m hoping to track down this...
  8. J

    Hayabusa pegs cruiser style?

    Hi all, I am hoping that someone may be able to provide some information on whether this is possible and if so, how could it be done? Long story short, my partner was involved in a serious accident while riding his much loved Busa. A car pulled out on a round about and didn't give way to my...
  9. B.Eskedal

    Inline five Hayabusa

    I have a little project going on this winter, I build a inline five Busa from two Gen 1 engines. Will use stock pistons and 3mm stroke = 1620cc. Se pictures
  10. jellyrug

    Jellyrug's lady

  11. N

    Rear Brake Resoviur

    Ever wonder where it is?Its nearly impossible to access it without lifting or removing the tail section.It's easy to remove.I changed to dot 5 in my clutch and front and rear brakes.Flushed out first with denatured alcohol. I also changed the clutch to kevlar with heavy duty springs and I got a...
  12. Trailer pulling Busa

    Trailer pulling Busa

  13. S

    2006 Throttle Body Issue?

    My busa has recently started losing gain of rpm once I hit 8-9k rpm. At first I would let off the throttle but I also tried to power through it and it just continues to baug. The FI light comes on immediately when this happens. It runs like a dream all the way up to 8-9k rpm. I have not ran the...
  14. abdul

    Hayabusa 2006 Clutch Disengage

    Hey, I have hayabusa 2006 that I rebuilt the second gear and put new clutch on. Sometime, when I gave it a full throttle no matter what gears is on, the rev goes up the bike stop going. it only happens when I am over 80 miles. I remember that mechanic of the shop told me that he changed Rod...
  15. B

    New Busa, New Exhaust Question

    Im sure I'm "that guy" asking the same question that's been asked thousands of times, but I have a few questions, and I was hoping that possibly some experts/sponsors could chime in. I picked up a 13 busa with very low miles, all stock, unmolested. As a former Toyota mechanic and Toyota...
  16. Dansch06limited

    Can Anyone Identify These Parts?

    I bought a set of gauges for my hayabusa build & after they arrived i seen these 2 boxes mounted on the back. They are actually mounted to the gauge stay/ bracket. I've had a few types of illumiglo type gauges & these have them as well but I know these boxes are not for them. Does anyone know...
  17. D

    C24 C27 Codes. Can't Shake Em.

    Alright I'm at the end of my wits. I have a gen 1 Busa engine in my sand car. I'm getting the C24 and C27 codes. (Ignition signal 1 and 4). I ran a NA motor in the car for 12 years. Lost the bottom end. Picked up a new motor and Turbo. Original block was a 2004. New one is 2001. I'm using the...
  18. Barrocker

    Clutch Plate Wave Washer Missing

    I am changing my OEM clutch and noticed that the clutch plate wave washer is missing. I have the wave washer seat (convex one). The clutch seemed fine before. It had some mileage on it and since I installed a turbo I wanted to make sure all was top notch. My question is, is it ok to run without...
  19. Doc69

    Transmission Trouble From 5th To 6th Gear

    Bike: 2015 Busa Store: Fun Bike Center Issue: Since the purchase (new), Dec 17th, 2015, the bike has a random event where it doesn't want to go into 6th gear from 5th. I have taken it to the dealership several times for the issue, but as most things the mechanics cant get it to duplicate or are...
  20. Davidvon

    Oil And Filter Change 2006 Gen. 1 Hayabusa

    Here's a video that walks you through changing the oil and filter on your gen. 1 'Busa. It's an easy job. Have fun!