1. Barrocker

    Clutch Plate Wave Washer Missing

    I am changing my OEM clutch and noticed that the clutch plate wave washer is missing. I have the wave washer seat (convex one). The clutch seemed fine before. It had some mileage on it and since I installed a turbo I wanted to make sure all was top notch. My question is, is it ok to run without...
  2. Doc69

    Transmission Trouble From 5th To 6th Gear

    Bike: 2015 Busa Store: Fun Bike Center Issue: Since the purchase (new), Dec 17th, 2015, the bike has a random event where it doesn't want to go into 6th gear from 5th. I have taken it to the dealership several times for the issue, but as most things the mechanics cant get it to duplicate or are...
  3. Davidvon

    Oil And Filter Change 2006 Gen. 1 Hayabusa

    Here's a video that walks you through changing the oil and filter on your gen. 1 'Busa. It's an easy job. Have fun!
  4. AndhiSatria

    Hayabusa Gen-1 Oil Pan Modification For Car

    Hayabusa Gen-1 Oil Pan Modification for Car Dear HAYABUSA.ORG As in my thread "Rally / Racing With Gen-1 Daihatsu Sirion (city Car)" I would like to ask specific questions about OILING for car use, as there are no-one here in Indonesia who knows about HAYABUSA engine. I will not use...
  5. AndhiSatria

    Rally / Racing With Gen-1 Daihatsu Sirion (city Car)

    Dear member of HAYABUSA.ORG Greeting from Jakarta, INDONESIA. I used to race Offroad Racing longtime ago and have my own workshop which specialize in modification, intalling and tuning suspension. Thereafter, we build several semi tubular as well as full tubular offroad race car with Jeep I-6...
  6. Ham

    Heavy Duty Springs

    In the past i have had a 07 hayabusa that i purchased with heavy duty clutch springs the only thing that i noticed was clutch lever was stiffer. Now i have a gen2 is it a must have mod, any positives for a average person who cruises around the city. I am not a drag racer nor do i plan to...
  7. Go Go

    Guess The Horsepower

    Hello peeps! Wanted to get an idea of how much power I would be looking at getting out of my engine build(to the rear wheel). Below I will provide all the mods and settings to the best of my abilities. I don't have the degree on the cams nor the thickness of the head gasket. So those two...
  8. boricua137

    Looking Kanji Hayabusa Decal File

    I'm looking for the file to make sticker Kanji Hayabusa 2010
  9. G

    Any Reputable Mechanics In Maryland?

    So after much abuse of the search engine here in the forums AND on Google, I figured that I would post this question. Does anyone know of any GREAT mechanics here in Maryland? I don't mind traveling to the right guy. I have a bad chain break at high speeds. My 07 Busa has been sitting since...
  10. Jamhuls

    Bike Firing But Won't Run

    I've changed the plugs, drained and cleaned out the tank, and taken the power commander off. It won't start but will turn over until the battery goes dead.
  11. J

    Help!!! Need A Base Map For Velocity Stage Ii Turbo Kit Using Microtech!

    Needless to say I bought a used stage 2 velocity turbo kit and the base tune is completely screwed up. I need someone that can screen shoot a velocity map so I can manually enter the numbers and send me a pic of it or email it. I only have the handset right now so I really need a screen shot...
  12. metalli445

    Iphone Holder

    Hey Everyone, I have an iPhone 6s Plus with an otterbox case. I'd like to mount my phone on my triple tree to use as my GPS. Does anyone know of a company or product that will allow me to quickly clip my phone into a holder while still in the case? Is there a way to run power so the phone...
  13. imag0253