Gen 1 Major Issues After Rebuild


Just looking to see what peoples opinion is on what could've went wrong when I paid my local shop $3500 to rebuild my motor on my 2001 Busa.

As soon as it got out of the shop I knew something wasn't right. I called and they said its because its brand new and it just has to break in. Okay, no problem. So we fast forward 1000 miles (when they told me to change my oil) and I notice small amounts of metal shavings. I called and they said its to be expected because everything is new and the bike should be fine.

Here it is 800 miles later (1800 total after the rebuild) and I go to change the oil again but this time inspect the air filter. In the air box I find PUDDLES of oil and a TON of metal shavings.

During my rebuild they had to hone the block, replace the rings, clean the head, complete valve job, new coolant, new oil, new plugs.

Does anyone know what could have went wrong with this process. During first 1k miles I never brought the bike above 4000 RPMs and the last 800 that I've been riding it I haven't brought it passed 6000 RPMs. I have literally babied the hell out of the bike. I know these guys are going to say I rode it hard or some stupid bullshit like that so I'm looking for an angle to start on these repairs.....AGAIN... :banghead:

Kevin Jones

Nobody is going to say that you rode it too hard. Guys take fresh builds and run 28psi on them on the dyno. These aren't like V8s. You don't need to baby them, in fact some say it glazes the cylinders to keep them at too low an rpm at break in.


Sounds like they didn't know what they were doing. Hopefully they'll take care of you. I would have a hard time spending that kind of money rebuilding a stock motor on a 15 year old bike, but I can see someone doing it if they have thousands in accessories and aftermarket parts on the bike already.


Man! You couldnhave bought a used motor and dropped it in yourself. 3500! No motor work? No. Hope it works out for you.


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Sorry to see this happen to you..i do short breakin and go right to flogging it on dyno once i put my map in it... it can't be done any harder, they failed you somewhere...


Yeah 3500 was a little ridiculous and really I just want my bike running perfect or my money back. But each time I go show them pictures of something new that I've found they just seem all defensive. I'll give them a chance to fix the issue but I don't want to wait another 1-2 month(s) to be able to ride it again. The shop is in Clarksville, TN. I have pictures I will upload them later. I talked to Cory on the facebook pages which is like the man to talk to about Hayabusas and he said it sounds like bad rings that are destroying the cylinder walls. Which can only mean 1-2 things, the shop has to bore me out for free (with new pistons of course) or I get a brand new block out of it. I will post pictures later to show you guys how bad it got in just 1800 miles.
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