Fuel pump problem


Ok, I read through a few posts on what I'm about to post but I've tried everything. My fuel pump won't power up when I turn the key. Ok, I checked the relay and it's good. I've checked the voltage at the relay and it's 12.21 volts. Now one dilemma is I jumped the connector where the relay goes but I get no continuous running of the pump. I applied direct power to the pump and the pump works that way. I checked the voltage at the pump connector and I'm confused because I got a reading of .07v. That's another dilemma. I researched online and I saw where I could pull out pin #9 on the harness at the ECU and ground it directly to the battery. I did that and still no power. So, I'm wondering if it would work if I grounded the pump itself straight to the battery or run a toggle switch to the pup and operate it that way? I am at my wit's end with the one.
have u checked the tip over switch. if not the ECU cud be the issue or the cut off switch. how bout an alarm does ur bike have one. buddy had that issue las year and wen he wud power it up the wire to the fuel pump from the alarm wud turn it off like its supposed and disable it lol

u got any codes flashing? make sure u got enough slack in the wires cause wen u open the tank the wires cud be fine but close it and they pull and disconnect slightly. that happened to me with a GSXR 1100 back in the day and every time id put the tank back on the fukn thing wudnt start. take it off and check **** and it worked fine put the tank back on and nothn.
Fuse, I believe the fuel pump relay and fuel pump power are on different fuses.

and of course make sure all the interlocks are satisfied. Kickstand switch, clutch switch, ...... you can throw it neutral for giggles, best of luck.
What year is it and I will look at the diagram. I am with Brett. I would discard the .07v sometimes I see stuff like that on my meter and scratch my head but its nothing. If your pump wont run, finding an alternate way to activate it sounds like a band aid. Lets find the problem and fix it. It sounds to me like Brett is close with the clutch switch, engine kill switch, tip over switch, kickstand switch. I had problems with my clutch switch and had to spray the hell out of the contacts, its a cheap ass design and the connectors became slightly corroded as well on the outside. I put a diode in my kickstand switch since I suspected a problem with that and a resistor in the tip over switch. My bike fell over in the driveway while it was warming up one day while I was inside and locking the dogs up. I came out and it was idling on its side. No explanation how it fell but after that I figured it was a lost cause and put a resistor in to bypass it anyway. You dont have to do any of those things but depending on how old your bike is, those systems might have failed. I am no electrical guru but have fought every gremlin on mine that is there including a toasted ecu.
Thing is, I bump the start button and the engine will turn over. That's what ruled out the tip over switch, clutch switch and side stand switch. It's a 2000. And the fuse for the fuel pump is good
No alarm on the bike. When I bump the starter, the bike is in neutral. Also, C41 is the code but again, the relay works, the voltage is good at the relay and when I got wire the pump it works.
So, I've figured that the ground in the harness somewhere isn't any good. I grounded the pump straight to the battery and I got power. So, I have to replace the harness. Thanks gents for your information. If any one of my friends experience this problem, I will pass on your info you've shared