Fi light, error code c41 (99 bus)


99 Hayabusa died at about 30mph might have had some engine hesitation first, not sure, might have just been the normal 2750rpm fuel map problem. FI light is on, bike turns over but will not start, voltage is measured to be good. Error code is C41 (fuel pump/relay). Battery has been disconnected/reconnected, no difference. Wires leaving the harness to the fuel pump have been checked, contacts checked, all good. Fuel pump does not start when ignition is turned on. The relay to the side of the FI computer clicks when key is turned on and then again after about 4 secs when the FI light comes on. Voltage to the fuel pump is measured to be a constant 5.03 volts, clicking relay makes no difference.

I keep seeing messages about a fuel pump recall, but can not find any real info about it.

Only a few actually got 'recalled', the rest of us got screwed.

Your pump needs to be replaced. It probably spewed enough copper and finally died. Look for a 2000 pump if you can get one used, this would be the easiest solution. Aftermarket can sometimes be a bit of a pain to properly set.
Thanks, that is what I thought.

Anyone got a link to the fuel pump replacement procedure, or should I just remove the tank and take it to a dealer? I assume that I will have to drain the tank either way. Also, any recommendations on finding a replacement pump would be helpful, i.e. should I look for an aftermarket pump or just go with a >=2000 year OEM pump.

Off topic: does anyone hear a little squeak sound every time the RPM hits about 2500-3000, it just a short chirp sound always at the same engine speed, can be heard only when earplugs are not being used and is independent of speed, reving the bike in neutral creates the sound too. Maybe something gets engaged around that RPM? Sounds to me like something is being moved, only lasts about .5sec, really annoying without earplugs. I guess it could just be harmonic vibration.

Thank you.
for the fuel pump you can look around on this web site. He has a lot of good links for motorcycle stuff.
Now for the noise. I have never notice it on my bike. I have seen on other post that some squeaks have been caused by the springs on the header rubbing on the pipes or somthing.
Hope this helps.