Dropped chopper off today for repairs. Good impression off the bat.


So I sold the busa last week. I have a chopper that was neglected not by me and was sitting for couple yrs due to an accident not risen by me. I took it today to a shop near my house. Bike was backed into causing me to think front end was bent. One of the techs came out looked at it and says dude y would u think front end was bent. The stopper is bent that's y its hitting tank. He says u can fix it urself if u want. Its pretty simple. I said well I got a bunch of other stuff that needs to be done. So he looked at things and says yea Dog u gunna spend some money which is fine I knew that and just time if that's ok. I said sure its fine. Then owner comes out says why would u need front end bro this is all that's wrong . I figured some sc umbag would say oh u need new frame cuz u damaged neck or new forks etc. My tank has dent in it. Owner says let me call my dent guy and see before we go and say hey yea u need to fix and paint. He was joking and **** with us. Only thing was he says figuring out why my brakes had no pressure because my brake fluid runs thru my bars. Because bike was sitting he says he wants to get bike up and running first before we go any further with dent in tank, paint rear fender due to rust spot and full detail. So he going to call me with price after he gets bike running with price for that then give me price for cosmetics. So I'm bracing myself for bill. Hopefully it doesn't go past my budget so I can fix it all. But good first impression not a douche or I know more than u attitude. Very friendly. We will how friendly with the bill. Lol. My father said if everything comes out reasonable then he will also bring his chopper. So we will see for future business.
Run away from any shop where the personnel talk to customers using "dog". Very unprofessional.
Here in ny. Using words like dog means nothing. My thing is when you talk to your customers like human beings and not like your just another wallet. Then that's ok. Being personable goes far
Depending on the client or the area, if no offense is taken, none was given.

Glad to hear there's a decent shop around

Exactly. But the case is once you get that first impression where it's like I don't want this guy touching anything I own or **** man can you watch my dog over the weekend then ur ok. I know I'm gunna spend some money just hopefully within my budget which I think its quite a sufficient amount not oh can you fix my whole thing for 100 bucks.
Great to hear...down here the only thing they are good for is ordering bolt on parts ,ask anything out of the ordinary and they are basiclly looking at you like deer in headlights..

luckly google and youtube are my close friends...

The org. is my best friend..:laugh:
When I originally called I told guy my main issue. And I asked how much for estimate since everyone else I called said it would be 1 hr labor charge he said man I'm not gunna charge you to see what's wrong. True to his word he didn't charge me. So we unloaded bike and I said here you go thanks for being honest.
Thing is here in ny. You hear out of towners say oh these nyers have attitudes and honestly some do some don't. I was in the automotive repair industry since I was 17 I'm now almost 34. I've seen people talk to others like there stupid and you know what that's good for repeat business. If you can sit there and explain something to someone without acting like your a damn car genius and they are a dumbass and also not lie to them about things they don't need then man ur a god sent. And they tell there friends and so on. I'm out that car industry now couldn't take cars anymore at one point I didn't even wanna sit in my car to go home cuz I worked on them all day lol.
So far good news heard from shop. Right now roughly I'm at 650. With out taillights and paint so I'm happy. I was figuring over a 1000 before paint and stuff
Let me start by saying is just capped off my crappy couple weeks. I got call last Tuesday bike was ready after close to 2 months of waiting. Total bill came to 1700. Owner blamed wait on painter taking long. Ok no biggie I understand. Put new plate on since it hasn't been registered in 2 yrs and I'm off happy as can be. Take it on road and notice steering still isn't straight. Not as bad as before but I notice still not straight. So ok no biggie I call in morning to let him know so it can be fixed since he was paid to fix this issue. I arrive at my house and get off bike so I can open up trailer to put it into. As soon as I get off I look at bike and notice was appears to be oil dripping out quickly from somewhere. I called him up right there on his cell and told him what was going on. He apologized and said when I could drop it back off. He didn't know what happened. And also that he never test rode bike after it was done. I said what. He said he never rode it cuz my tags were expired. I said really. Mind you this shop builds bikes and makes own frames. If someone buys a custom bike for xxxx amount of money your telling me it won't be riden because it doesn't have tags. So that's only thing I wasn't happy about. We see when I pick it up. I ain't paying anymore for **** that should of been fixed. So that's how my couple weeks went and bike capped it off. Had to laugh it all a little.
That sucks man. I've had similar issues with a local shop that I do not mind mentioning the name, sacramento motorcycle repair. They can do bad enough work to hurt someone. (And deny it)

I know what you mean by customs sales. But I'd be pretty sure their sales include tax a licensing. Hopefully they get it right and in more of a hurry.
Another UPDATE:
I called shop this morning to see what was going on since I haven't heard anything. Was told steering is fixed and the leak was coming from drain plug on primary. And then explains to me how he doesn't know how the plug was so tight to point where he had to tap it to get it out. I know I didn't touch it but he didn't say I did or hint that way. Here is my thing. If that plug was so tight to point where it had to be forced off and have new plug put in. Wouldn't that have been noticed when all fluids were changed unless it was never touched???? Also it was said that yesterday it was dry under bike and today there was a drop again by primary. So asked me when I wanted it back, due to work it will have to be this weekend or even early next week. So he wants to put it back on lift and see what's up. I don't wanna bash anyone unless I have to bring it back again for issues that we're suppose to be fixed. To me 1700 is a lot of money.
If all the fulids were to have been changed, it shouldn't be to hard to look and see if they look new, right?
Then again if there is a NEW drain plug in it the fluid (oil) must be changed now!
Are you saying they had to re-tap the threads on the oil pan to install a new drain plug?
I'd think the mechanic may have noticed a drip and cranked it down (without mentioning it) before the thought of not touching fluids.

To me, 1700 is a lot of money. It needs to be fixed right. But things do happen, and it's all about how they handle those things IMO.
Yup new plug on pan. Threads should of been noticed when it was fluid supposedly changed first time. No?

Need a little more detail- Are you saying they just put a new drain plug in? Or did they have to use either and oversized one OR retap the threads and then install an oversize one?

If they tapped it (without using a self-tapping oversized drain plug) with a tap - I would have wanted the oil pan dropped to check for chips in the oil pan. That would also mean a
new gasket on the oil pan.

Wasn't the issue that somehow the drain plug got overtightened and then there was a leak? Did they charge you for new oil when you picked it up?
So the question is, did overtightening it strip the threads enough to cause a leak? If that is the case then which of the above happened?

When I had a stripped plug I got a double oversized ½" self tapping plug. I then started to thread it and after I could feel it cutting new threads I then backed it out
and vacuumed it off and the thread area. Repeated this process over and over until it was totally threaded and I was sure there were no chips in the pan. I doubt few people
would do that, especially if getting paid by the hour. All I'm saying is that it would be nice to know exactly what they did and how they did it. Is your oil pan steel or aluminum?
Does the new oil plug have a magnet? If it is an aliminum pan then a magnet won't do any good if there are aluminum chips inside your pan.
What this boils down to is trying to protect you if something goes wrong down the road. An aluminum chip could damage a piston etc. pretty easily IMHO.
But it might not happen right away. If you have any doubts I would change the oil after a 100 miles or so just to be on the safe side. YES there shouldn't be any chips in there.
But better safe then sorry. AND even if you could get them to rebuild your engine IF it failed - it would be better to not have to go down that road, right?

Hope you get it back and everything is OK.
Then again it did leave their shop and the steering wasn't right. :whistle:
Last Update I Hope

So got call last week that oil still leaking and that plug was not issue. So I said ok then he tells me it's leaking from inside primary some orings. I said how much he says I help u out 180 cuz it's about 4hrs labor and I'm only charging you for 3hrs. Whatever I can't do anything myself work has me tied up right now. So I get call couple days later that the rings were not the issue. And now he thinks there is a crack somewhere on housing. That I would get call when it was fixed. I said man I'm running out money you gotta let me know. He says he would call me when it was fixed fixed. I get call yesterday that bike was fixed that he found a crack on back side after gasket mates to engine. That he test rode it and it's not leaking. I asked how much he said 300 and sounded upset. Cuz he tells me he spent a lot of time trying to fix it and he knows how much I already spent and he can't do that again. If that bike was test driven from the original order repairs then he could of said hey we found a leak during test ride and etc and could of charged me way more then fine. I can't complain at all. I tell u guys what I pick bike up tomorrow and that's last time I probably do business there again. Anyone one here on the org agree or disagree.
I probably wouldn't return.

1: wasn't fixed the first time
2: the way they took the bike back
3: wasn't fixed the second time (drain plug)
4: wasn't fixed the third time (rings)
5: didn't inspect for EVERYTHING that could be causing the leak BEFORE charging you for those rings.
6: sounding upset or petty because he couldn't charge you enough.
7: timeframe would annoy me personally

Didn't he mention if the steering is perfect now?
And how did they fix the crack?

In the end though, they know you are one of the particular guys about your bike. And you will call them on any corners they cut. So it's up to you.