Dropped chopper off today for repairs. Good impression off the bat.


You started this post in April and your just picking up the bike tomorrow!
If it is not perfect I might be thinking about small claims court, at least never going back there again.
Find a different shop if at all possible, if more work is needed.
I hope that if you are so busy that you couldn't do the work yourself that at least you are making enough $$$ to afford to get it fixed right.
That is one reason I do as much of my own work on my bikes as I can. I may not know everything (who does) but I feel at least it will be done right and with care.

Good luck - and I hope when you pick it up, it IS perfect - at LEAST so you can ride it the rest of the summer. Whats the point in having a bike you can't ride. :banghead:


I picked up bike Thursday morning. And guess what after having lunch with my wife I walk out and see a little puddle under bike. Yay. Clear fluid. I called shop up and he says he didn't understand he rode it 6 miles allegedly and had no leaks after putting it on lift. I rode it same distant from shop to lunch spot and I have a significant leak. He says he fixed with jb weld and had no issue. Now he thinks crack may have got bigger idk how when funny how it didn't happen til I get on bike. He wants me to ride it over not trailer it to see if he can see where leak is coming from. I'm at end of my rope. I don't have time or money to go to court. Which I have never done or considered plus I'm in process of buying a house so I got a lot going on. He told me he didn't want to be married to this problem and now parts gotta be changed and no fixing minor stuff but replacing. I will take it there to see what it is but as far as fixing I'm 2000 in hole and have no more money this season to fix bike. It sucks I'm upset but more frustrated. Steering is fixed lol finally. I will never take my bike there again after next visit to see where clear fluid is coming from.


You need to start posting pictures so we can help you - unless you don't want any help.

There are a lot of guys on here that have more than just a Busa and might have been down the road your on.
Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Just telling us there was clear fluid doesn't tell us too much.

I feel for you - July is almost half over and you only have a couple of rides in, mostly to the repair shop. :banghead:

Well I guess your Dad won't be doing business with that shop - so you saved him some headaches. Maybe in return you two could go rent a bike for the rest of the summer. :rofl:
Maybe the shop your dealing with has a bike you can use. If a car dealer has your vehicle for a long time sometimes they will give out a loaner. Can't hurt to ask.

Now go photograph your bike and take lots of pictures. You might need them to protect yourself if things don't go well. Better to have and not need than the other way around.

Just trying to help........ :whistle:


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Is it the forks seem a bit twisted? If so it's an easy fix. Loosen the clamps on the lower triples, leave the top clamp tight. Then twist the frontend straight and tighten the lower clamps.


Front end is fixed. Issue now is leak I don't have a lift to check leak but he says inner primary was cracked. It's been raining in ny all week so I have to wait til next week to bring it over to have looked at. Yea man I think I'm done dealing wit this shop after I find out what's going on. Oh yea and supposed small crack was fixed with job weld . Kinda crappy repair. I'm done riding for season very frustrated because of this.