Check in here... Let's make sure everyone has made it over to the updated forum


Dis in my way!
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We moved a lot of technology pieces over the past few days and I want to make sure that everyone made it over...

Please post up that you can see the site and if the search is working like it is supposed to now.

thanks folks,

I seem to be having a problem with viewing attached photos. I see a block where the photo was that just says "Attached Photo" :dunno:
what browser are you using? Can you send me the link to a thread you can't see
The forum is working for me once I get to it, now when I click the thumbnail to open it in google chrome I get a domain default page. Also goes to the domain default page when I type in www. hayabusa. org, I had to go in my history and open this page www. hayabusa. org/forum/content/ then it works good from there. I am using google chrome on an XP machine, everything is current with updates.

Screenshot of the page I see when I type in www. hayabusa. org


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I can see both :)

We moved DNS from one server to another so the page issues you are seeing with the default page are probably DNS / Caching issues outside of your machine.. We should see that clear up within the next 24 hours.
I replied to your other post cap. I can see stuff on forum runner but not on my computers. I have tried using ie and chrome.
The new .org symbol that comes up in the IE browser address window (as seen in the pic loaded above) is two vertical red lines??...
I'm here and same for me with attached photos, no worky at work! :laugh:

I'll try at home later and let you know..