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dabs busa

just started riding my 40th annv. busa with 350 mi. on it after knee surgery and leaving work the other day and was ran off the road by an oncoming car in a curve after it had showered out side and trying to avoid the car the back end came from under the bike.rode the bike down and let it go . the bike is sliding in the street with me on top of it.i totalled the bike with 350 mil. on it. trying to buy the bike back.has a little crack in the frame and a lot of fairing damage. but thats not the point. the mother #@!& left me in the street. just scraped my elbows up a little. no knee damage thank god. trying to get a new 40th again.can somebody tell me the deal on a salvage title in va.
Sorry to here about the busa. It is good that you walked away only with a little bit less pride. Hopefully the new bike comes easily. Take care.
Man that sucks, I hope you get it back together soon, glad to hear you're ok though.
Sorry to hear about that, but at least you seem to be okay...
Good luck finding a salvage bike...
Glad to hear you are ok, because YOU can't be salvaged. My question is why would you want to buy it back if the frame has been cracked...unless it wasn't insured??? If you buy it back and rebuild it you'll probably still have to replace the frame, and the cost of replacing it and changing all the parts out may cost you as much as a new bike. If you are just gonna tear it down and use it for parts you don't have to worry about a title because you aren't going to register the vehicle just use parts from it. If its totalled and you buy it back from the insurance company the title will still be in your name if you let them know you plan to buy it back. Typically, and you can double check this with the agent, insurance companies only get a salvage title in rare cases. It usually left up to the buyer..
Hey dabs -
I'm not sure if this will help you, but I know Sunrise Cycle in Norfolk had some wrecked Busas out back; I have no idea if one was your 40th anniversary color, but it might be worth a call (800-922-0127). They also had a new 40th burnt orange Busa on the floor for sale, if you decide to get a new one...Suzuki dealer in Va Beach had a new orange one too (I think)

I'm with dezzy...might not be worth the trouble with a cracked frame...good luck either way...
sucks dude.
My .02 cents
I dont think I'd feel safe riding a bike as fast as the busa knowing it had been wrecked...I mean with a machine like the busa the bike has to be really well balanced, in a fall it's not only what you see on the outside but also several minor fractures (that you dont know about) that could develop into cracks in the future....like when you hit a small dip at 120
Trust me you dont want that.
Once a busa's been wrecked your better of just getting either a new one or a second hand one but trust me not trying to fix up one that already has frame cracks (as your post mentioned)....forget the fact that your bike had only 350mi think about how lucky you are to be able to walk away from the wreck and live to find the freak
that took off after helping you kiss the road.
you can get just as attached to another "New" busa as you were to this one.
I don't think a small crack in the frame is a big deal if you know some one that can weld alum...I you can buy it back go for it...It would be a lot cheaper in the long run to repair it vs replace it...
Sorry to hear the bad news about the bike. Glad to hear that your ok.
I'm glad you're ok. Sorry to hear about your bike but like everyone else said it can be replaced. Did they get the guy that ran you off the road?