Paint chipping on my new Busa


I've had my 40th Annv. Busa now for about 5 weeks and have just under 1600 miles on it.  I was giving it a good washing this morning and was really surprised at how bad the paint is chipping on the fender and all over the nose and front fairing.   There are a few chips that you can see even if you stand 5-6 feet away.  Lots of little chips that make the surface feel awful rough when you rub your hand over it.  I don't think I'm being to sensitive about my new bike, but I just can't imagine what it's starting to look like.  I'm afraid to think of what it will look like after one year, let alone 3-4 years.

Is this a comon problem with the Busa or with Suzuki paint in general?  Any one else out there think their paint is getting damaged at an alarming rate?  I have had three bikes before and haven't had anything even close to this.  But, I just know if I take it back to my dealer and complain I will just get the old "well that kind of stuff just happens".  Any ideas?

Hell, I don't know if it's even worth mentioning but I've had my helmet for over a year and only have one little nick on the front of it. I guess maybe I should have Shoei paint my Busa since they seem to have some better paint. Sorry, just venting a little. :sad:
Nuttin but proof you are riding. The paint on mine is pretty tough, but that lower lip on the front fairing takes a real beating every time you ride. Really the road and what ever is thrown your way is the major factor. I would think those who live near the ocean and ride a lot would have a problem too. Just ride it, unless you want a show bike, then ya gotta park it.
Keeping a good coat of wax (non-abrasive wax only) on it helps and also helps seal existing chips/scratches to some extent. I wax my tank, front fairing, and the front fender almost once a week myself. Maybe a little overkill, but damn it looks sharp. Just be sure not to use old fashion wax that actually wears off a small layer of paint each time you use it. Modern polymer based waxes are non abrasive and actually add a thin layer of plastic clear coat that slowly wears off (instead of paint slowly wearing off).

Liquid glass is the best if you can find it, but it is expensive ($25 last time I bought it). Can lasts a long time though. Good stuff. Cheap wax works to just make sure it specifically says non-abrasive.

I have had my bike a few months and I have no chips whatsoever on the front of the bike, only a few small ones on the underside particularly on the rear under "wing".
Justin, post a couple close up pics. Then I can tell ya what is what... - Kent
Justin, post a couple close up pics. Then I can tell ya what is what... - Kent
Yeah, I was just out there trying to take some pictures of the pits, but just can't get anything to come out on the camera. Everything just shows up too bright or too dark.

I think I'm still going to take it down to the dealer and have them look it over. Thanks.
I would go to dealer and complain. If that doesn't work talk to factory rep. I have a 2002 with 6500 miles and only wear is on bottom where tire throws it up. NO PITS.
I have had an '03 silver/grey for abt. 4000mi. No scratches, pits, chips, etc. I would be very skeptical -- raise a stink with the dealer.
If you ride in a group stay well back from the bike in front or well off to one side
also when behind other vehicles stay well back until you overtake, tyres in general pickup and throw small rocks all the time.
There has to be an impact for the paint to chip!
I'd definitely say you have a problem. I'v e got 4000 on mine with no chips at all....just a tiny bit down at the bottom and on 1 side only. In fact, I repainted the side with the problem, and the color-rite paint seems to stick better than the factory paint.

I have a 2000 with 5600 miles and no chips except bottom where front tire throws up stuff at it... I keep mine waxed with "Maguires Gold Class" wax in a liquid form.

I clean the bugs off of the entire nose/fender about every 3-5 rides by soaking a clean rag in HOT water and laying it over top the whole nose/fender piece for about 1 minute and then removing it and then the bugs wipe off easily...... Then I put a thin wax coat of the gold class stuff over the nose/fender and it tends to stay chip free.... But like I said, repeat the process every 3-5 rides or in my case every 3-5 days because I ride EVERYDAY... :cool: I also (TRY TO) wax my whole bike once a week to protect my paint from fading, chipping, and scratching etc. etc....

And about rocks being thrown from other bikes or vehicles in front of you! Today I had a 1"-2" inch rock fly up from underneath a ford rangers tire that was atleast 100 FT. in front of me while we was going like 30 mph, and it was like slow motion as that bastard rock came and hit me in the chest and bounced off my gastank.... DING!!!!!! I dont know what I was thinking... LOL Oh well, me and my gastank are scratch free, although I bet I will have a bruise tommarow....

I bet you will too quazy... Good thing you were only goin 30. That stuff hurts when you are going much faster!