Busa Down


Hey gang, yep...the worst fear happened and it happened to fast to react. I'm okay, just laid her down on her side. Broken collar bone and some road rash but it was a low speed fall. It happened so fast that I didn't even have time to react. Can't even tell you how it happened...lol. But as for the damage to the Busa it is all cosmetic and all I'm looking for is a left fairing. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to order one from? Thanks in advance for the advice.

do a search i dropped mine on the right side. and nick smith hooked me up for 450 bucks for a new on to my door .dont remember details but its here some where.has guys phone # in post.ps atleast your ok!!!
Check out my response to same question in "Common Problems", under the title "Damaged Plastic".................................
I could list a lot more sites, but I tried to keep it simple.
there must be a virus out there... could it be DropURbusalitus?

i went down this past sunday... glad to hear that your ok and only suffered a broken bone and road rash.