Busa 1, ZX 14 TOTALLED!!

Well... I put on some new shoes and went with the Metzler M3's again. This time I put on a 180 rear tire and I LOVE IT!! OMG!! This bike pivots hard!

Well... doing the twisties on some back roads the Busa went around the turn but the ZX14 wasn't so lucky. My friend just couldn't get the bike to hang the turn, carried too much speed and the touchy brakes locked the front tire when he tried to slow down!!

Well you know what happens next... He dumped onto the ground, bike slid into the oncoming lane and was struck head on by an SUV!!! Another friend was following and came around the corner, had ZERO time to react to the pieces of ZX14 all over and Endoed straight into the ZX14! He suffered a fractured Clavicle and totaled CBR 600RR. My buddy with the ZX14 got skinned knee.

Another reason you just cannot play with the Busa when you can't handle your Kawi!

Looks like a CHOPPER now!


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Damn man, I hate to see a nice bike like that all wadded up. He is a lucky dude he didn't end up under the suv along with the bike.

Looks like a good example of bad judgement, riding far beyond his skill level. From all I hear and read the 14 actually corners better than the busa. It's just suffering from a bad case of "Ugly".

Tell your buddy he should buy a lottery ticket


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I'd like to have some of those "touchy" brakes, radial brakes rule!

Your friend is really lucky he didn't get hit by the SUV!!!


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OUCH!!! not a pretty picture no matter what the bike was... glad your Friends walked away from this. People have to remember to ride within their abilities not the ability of those they are riding with...


why ask why
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wow!..smiling like it was cool?

He cheated death but it hasn't sunk in yet.

Glad everyone is fine. Looks awful.


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