Ok I wanted to get a pair of SIDI Vertebras...but alas...SIDI doesnt make em in my size. I have black and silver Dionese leathers. Who sells good boots in a size 18? can anyone help? im runnin out of options :hammerhead:
good god man you must be a giant...18s... The only thing I can think of was to get a hold of a manufacture and see if they can custom make you a pair..maybe 3 or 4 so you will have them for a while...
I had to have a pair made for me to, I went to Z-Custom Leathers... took about 4 weeks and about $200, but they fit great and I love them. Check out their web site..You big gorilla...... JUst kidding, dont want you to step on me... or something.
Alright I gave them a call. Luckily Z-custom leathers happens to be in Huntington Beach wich is only like 30 min away. Im going in tommorow for a "tracing".  

thanks for your help guys.
And btw, Im not really a big gorilla. Im only 6'2". But i do weigh 275..hehe and for some reason my feet and hands are abnormally large. In football everyone used to call me "Ogre".
Is being an ogre better than being a gorilla?  


OMG size 18 do all your shoes come with paddles? Seriously you will have to go with an American made boot or special order Euro boots rarely come in humungus and they are always very narrow. Good luck I check on some for you.
I'm BigGar, errr, Wulfgar
I have had a hard enough time finding boots in a size 14. I would just go to Z-Custom and be done with it. I have never heard anything bad about any of their stuff. I did manage to find some SIDI Boots for myself in a size 49 (euro) and like them very much. I think that is their upper limit though.
Good luck.
Not to change the subject...but is it true what they say??? Big hands...big feet.....

big gloves and big shoes???
Ya it is a pain. I went to Z today and they took a tracing of my foot. then they told me they dont make them that big. basically i drove like 30 min to come back with a nice outline of the bottom of my 14 3/8" foot.  
they were callin my Shaq at the store. lol

well guys any help from any other boot stores would be much appreciated...
I got a set of size 15 from AGV on close out for 99 dollars. You could try them and see if 15 will fit you. I am 6'4" 235
The Sidi's seemed nice when I tried them on for my size 13 feet. But like the previous poster said, they are very narrow and were a bad purchase for me.
Sorry to hear that Wulf,
Z-Leathers hooked me up with 15 4E
there is a custom leather suit maker in England that also makes "monster" boot sizes..... I'll go through my stuff and try to find it for you, unless Sir can help out
thanks knee dragger. Im still looking. I must admit im too embarrassed to go outsidem in my full black/silver dionese leathers with a pair of white nikes
again guys, thanks for your help...i havent given up yet..