Bng for '07???? busa gets bumped.......


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Some of you should have taken me up on my bet I laid out. Being that I received zero pm's I am in the clear......

For 2007 Suzuki will yet again make us wait. Even though they have the all-new Busa waiting in the wings - they will be doing BNG for 2007. They said it was to protect the dealers that agreed to take on extra units this year, I feel they had so much tooling for the units that they were protecting themselves and not the dealers.
The model will change with an early release in June of '07 as the all-new 2008 Hayabusa.

Additionally, the GSXR 1K will change as scheduled this year.
They will add an 450 Kingquad ATV to the line-up. The GSF 1200 will be re-released w/ and w/out ABS brakes.
I'll stick with my 05 anyway's hard to beat "paid for" !
Your welcome guys! Sorry for the letdown. I promise you what I heard about the Busa two months ago was verbatim a Suzuki Exec's mouth.
Now we can hurry up and wait...... again.

PS: Sonny I will PM you about the Busa. Sorry I never called you back.
Ted - Now find some photos. If its gonna be June they gotta have a few prototypes made.
Thanks Ted. I still find it amazing Suzuki managed to hang on to the title all those years with the same machine. So the 14 will have another year in the sun, eh?
Thanks for the info. But, it doesn't help my decision (actually, makes it a little tougher). Should I pop for the new pipe/PC3/undertail/chain/sprockets/air filter this winter or wait to see what is in store for '08.

Oh well, back to the same 'ole same 'ole.
I have waited on Ted to fill us in and we all know this is coming, thanks man for your inside input!

*long post alert*

As a life long Corvette enthusiast who has seen that car undergo profound changes over the years (we are at the 6th Generation to date) this strikes me as a pivotal point in the Busa's legacy.

We have been entertained with special spots on networks such as the Science Channel and The Learning Channel covering the best of the best (in motorcycling) and there was Suzuki's Hayabusa either mentioned or at the top of the list - I loved it!
We have motor vehicle unlike any I have encountered in that it has its own symbol - Ok, Vettes have crossed flags and Stangs have that pony but how many bike models have an emblem?
We have this mystique of being the fastest production motorcycle in the world (6 years running) that even people outside of the motorcycling community recongnize.
We have what I think is the sexiest sport bike in production and now the competition has caught it, well sort of - the jury is still out on how well Kawi's new beast will do in the showrooms and on the streets but they jumped us. Mustangs NEVER did that to the Vette, production model to production model anyway.

Now, will they do this change 'right'? Will they carry the flag further? Will the market (the cruelest judge of all) like what they do with the new Busa?
In business, change equals growth, but change also equals an affront to tradition. Should of heard the bitchin when the C4 came out and I wont even mention Harley's slavery to 'dont change anything, they wont like it anymore'....

The Busa clearly enjoys a tradition within the motorcycle community and to some extent, an extended motoring public - see the ESPN article referenced in another thread and you'll see what I mean.

This change to our bike is exciting to me. I love the product and the following it has created. I bought one for all the reasons listed above and it sits right beside my Vette each night - far as I know they are getting along ok.

I just hope it goes well and the 'H1s' will emerge as the first in a generational line of kick azz Busas that Kawi, Yam and Honda will always chase!

Sorry for the long post and - uhem.... ROLL TIDE!

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The model will change with an early release in June of '07 as the all-new 2008 Hayabusa.

That was the speculation for 06, an early release for 07 in June of 06...we shall see. Thanks for the update.