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I posted this on anther forum too.. Just want more opinions on this..

After over 80 passes at the track, 80 dry hops,and countless practice pulls from light to light or on back country roads and 4000 hwy miles,,,,, I couldn't take it no more. I pulled out my original OEM clutches from my '08 and guess what?.. They still look pretty good. Stack height was at 1.963", they were still pulling pretty good as far as I could tell, but mentally I needed the peace of mind that a new set of clutches would give me. (Installed drag pack *Thanks Dwayne*).
Now this brings me to the million dollar question; at what point did any of you guys change out your clutches? Cause according to the manual the OEM ones that I took out had not reached thier "usable Limit" yet (0.103" for drive plate #1 and 0.135" for #'s 2 and 3)---- I just had a new set sitting around and wanted to use them.
Is there anybody with an ungodly amount of passes made and are still using there orginal set of clutches?



I prob have around 300 passes on my orig clutches....... Still going fine... Hell urs look new to me...


Need more feedback on this stuff for teh members here who dont know much or have much track fat guy (260+) is loosing sevvere MPH at 1.976height stack

let me know what you guys are working with...,thats on a stock motor.

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I replaced mine this winter for piece of mind. My height was good, lots of life on my fibers but my plates had some burn marks. Put the new one in and it pulls so much harder now. Not sure of the plates made that big of a difference. I don't race but I had 23,000 miles on.mine and I think it was the original clutch.

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