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Car Hits 7 Motorcycles in Ohio, Kills One

UTOPIA, Ohio (AP) -- A car crossed the center line of a highway and struck seven motorcycles Saturday in southwestern Ohio, killing one man and injuring nine others, authorities said.

A westbound car driven by Joshua Kash, 18, of Franklin, struck the eastbound motorcycles about 1:20 p.m. on U.S. 52 in Clermont County, 35 miles southeast of Cincinnati, the State Highway Patrol said.

Larry W. Rigdon, 52, of Maysville, Ky., was dead at the scene, the patrol said. A patrol dispatcher said Kash was taken to Anderson Mercy Hospital in Cincinnati, but a nursing supervisor said she had no record of Kash being admitted.

Six of the injured were taken to University Hospital in Cincinnati. A nursing supervisor would not release their names but said the injured - three females and three males - were in fair to critical condition.

Two people were taken to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, where a nursing supervisor would not release their names or conditions.
Very sad news. My thought go out to the everyone involved.
I really hate to hear things like this. But it is needed to make all of us more alert. For the kids sake I hope it was a accident and not some kind of DUI. Being 18 and having to live with the fact that you killed an innocent person is going to make for a long life.
This is Horrible...
No one deserves this...I hope his family can take actions against this kid. How do you plan for this kind of incident? You really can't..we're so vulnerable out careful everyone.
Sounds terrible, but I would like some more details before passing judgement on this kid...
Sad news. Since 25,000 students have come back to town here I have seen unbelievable driving and I will probly be the one getting tagged by the cops. :mad:
Hmmmmm.... 18? Go figure. All suspicion aside, my prayers are also with the families of those involved.

What a trajety! I hope they get to the bottom of it all and if he did something stupid like drink and drive he get punished to the extent of the law! :cussing:

How can you prepare for something like that? All the training in the world wouldn't have helped. That's why I hate staying on the left side of the lane.

I hope they all pull through. My prayers go out to the victims families.
Very sad news, but I agree with Doc...there are not enough details here o focus on the fact that it was a kid. It could of been reckless driving, racing, alcohal, durgs, debris in the raod, a blowout, weather conditions, or narcolepsy (spelling). Who knows.

I hope the responsible media follows up with some details. It is only fair to all parties involved.
...That's why I hate staying on the left side of the lane. ...
One never knows. I spend a lot of time on the left to increase my visibility to oncoming traffic. When I'm the center or right -- I feel -- they have this funny notion sometimes that they can share a lane with me as they try and pass.

My money is that the riders weren't 2sec apart like the should've been. It may not have made a difference, but then again it might have. There's always something a rider can do but nobody's perfect.
Captain, the motorcyclists were a big group of Harleys. I live in SW Ohio also and I know some of the victims. Very sad... This is not the worst part of it though...

(From what I have heard)
The car drivers mom came to the seen and starting yelling saying that the cops need to check all of the bikers for drugs and DUI.... She kept saying that it wasnt her kids fault, and that they need to check the bikers out. I guess she meant that "Bikers" are always drugged up or under the influence... "Stereotyper's I cant stand em!"
(Just what I heard though. I wasnt there.)

Anyway, that is not the only tragedies that happened in SW, OH in the last couple of weeks... A very known Harley guy that lives a few streets over from me got hit by a car and got killed also... This guy has 2 kids and a wife. He held Harley conventions with 100's of Harley members and was a real known man. He was at an intersection turning left and the stop lights went yellow. A car coming at him went through the redlight when he was turning left and you know the rest..... This guy guy never drinks, and always rode wisely from what Ive heard. They had like over 200 bikers go to his funeral a couple days ago....I also heard that Easy Riders was going to buy his Bike and put it out for display in his memory.

Believe it or not, there has been a few other motorcyclist mishaps around me lately... But this all shows that it can happen to every single one of us at any given time knowmatter how good of a rider you are... Sad... All of them and their families are in my Prayers..

Everyone Ride SAFE!
Falling asleep at the wheel is STILL irresponsible. Why? Because it could kill somebody, that's why. I'm not perfect, and yes there's a very slim possiblity I could fall asleep at the wheel....hmmm... well, no there isn't cuz I think ahead and plan around stuff like that.
Sorry, I'm kind of opinionated and tired of people hiding behind Political Correctness and not speaking up for reality. If I did something horribly bad, yeah, it would suck, but I would EXPECT proper punishment via our laws.

I'm very curious to see how this turns out. Please keep posting updates here, m'kay?
If I hear anything else, then I will keep you all up to date.. Like you said, no one is perfect but mistakes like that could be prevented if people were more careful. When I drive or Ride, I always expect the worse. I absolutely never trust a car around me or coming toward me, but there is that split second that can change everything to anyone of us.

Our enjoyment of motorcycle riding is definitely a DANGEROUS sport, but I enjoy it and I understand that something like this can happen at anytime.