I know this is a forum for the Hayabusa, but do anyone know if you can lower the ZX14 with the stock triple tree? I am not talking about with straps. Thanks

head east busa

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how much are you lookin for ? my understanding is lowering them will really affect your handling as well as your clearance to the oil pan and it's kinda a pain.
How would you compare the two? There's a black & orange ZX at our dealer that acts like a magnet for my eyes every time I go in there...
So far the riding feels totally different when I compare the two. Need to ride more to be able to provide all the details expecially it's still in break-in stage (tires to new for me to do any leanings...). First impression, the steering felt much lighter than Busa and I did feel like I'm riding a 250 instead. Hopefully will be able to ride more this weekend...

Black & Orange ZX is too fancy for me...

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