Xena Disc lock? Any thoughts?


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I'm not familiar with that particular model, but it looks about like any other disc lock. That being the case, it would actually be pretty small and will easily fit in the Busa's rear storage.

Here's a pic of one of my disc locks with a $5 bill for scale. The one you're interested in looks like it might even be a bit smaller than this.

I wasn't sure..because the one I'm looking at has shock sensors and an alarm built in. I found some other threads where it was discussed...but nothing about the size...it looks bigger in the picture, but it also has a sort of hump friendly shape too.


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Here's a pic I found of the XX6 installed. Looks no bigger than my Kryptonite locks.



Fit in the trunk of your busa?? A disc lock will fit in a coat pocket :whistle: they are nice I have a master lock version for my busa. Make sure to get a bright bungee cord that runs from your lock to your handlebars. You don't want to attempt to drive off with that thing attached...... :hide:
I'm so paranoid I'm thinking about a disc lock (alarm model) and a regular alarm as well. I hear the disc lock alarm can be covered up pretty easily with a towel or even by putting your hand over it. I've got full coverage...but they won't give me anywhere near what it's worth..and probably not even half of what I just paid for it. They could care less about the extras...or do they actually take stuff like that into consideration for comprehensive?
I have one as extra security, it's easy to use, fits in your pocket when riding or under the seat (where I keep my Fk Off chain) lol
Alarm is adequate as a deterrent not gone off yet oh and I went for the XX15 as it's a really good size, my advice is just keep the sensors clean !

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Thanks Rob.. Any idea if these work with Wave rotors? I've tried various searches (disc lock and wave rotor) but don't really see anything. I guess it shouldn't matter as long as it snaps on ok?
I presonally would never have one of these in my pocket while riding. Think about a fall with that in your jacket pocket...ouch! I haven't seen an alarmed model of these in action, but the disc lock itself is a good thing to use!


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I'd probably get some kind of little draw string bag and just stash it in the trunk. But ya...having it in a pocket would suck if you went down.
Your friendly local bartender probably has a stash of Crown Royal bags. They're pretty good for that sort of thing.


My master lock disc brake fit on my busa when I had Braking Front Wave rotors no problem. The wave rotors had slots instead of button holes like oem's do. It fit on the same way. I also have a LCD 2way alarm system on my busa but nothing short of an armed guard will prevent somebody from taking your bike if they want it bad enough. My alarm is nice and loud but 2guys can throw my bike in the back of a pickup truck or van in under 30 seconds and speed off so no audible alarm will really be a factor if that was the case :whistle: they also make a rear disc lock as well which used in conjunction with the front lock would prevent rolling the bike @ all which would make it a tad more difficult to jack but again nothing is 100%
I'm going to a local shop and check one out...that way if it doesn't fit for some reason, I can just walk back in and return it. @ Gary...2001, and yes I checked out the Roadlok..watched the video too. Looks good..but wondering if it would work with a Wave rotor. @Flicka...hell ya, the Crown Royal bag would be perfect :)


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I've got one; people who were at the Spring Bash last year can attest to how loud it is...

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