Bike Security


So I decided that parking at my girlfriends on a semi-regular basis might be a risk for me considering that the busa is the most commonly stolen bike in Florida (or so I'm told), so I wanted to make sure it would be there in the morning.... or at least I'd create a deterant for any potential crooks. So I decided to get a big ass chain (Kryptonite Monster) and chain it to something secure. Nothing was close by, so I thought I'd create my own lock up location.... here is my "how to"... or maybe how not to. This is/was the plan...

1. Purchase 2 bags of quikcrete and a couple of 3-4' sections of rebar ($30 total at Lowes)
2. Dig a hole near your parking spot... post hole digger preferred
3. Bend rebar in a long/tight "U" shape (see below) to be cemented upside down, creating a secure lock up point.
3. Watch where you dig...

If you dig too deep... grab your post hole digger and other supplies, retreat to the apartment, and watch as the construction crews accross the way respond to the incident...

Once the apartment complex people have responded and stopped/repaired the "leak", you may procede to dig a new hole, considering where the old one was started...

upon completion of the hole, add cement and rebar pieces.... wait to dry, and Walahhhh! You have a fairly secure lockup point!

I think you're on borrowed time with the set-up you have, Matt.

The new Busa is a way tempting target.... knowledgeable thieves will make short work of the rebar. Electric Sawzall's, or liquid nitrogen, etc, they can get through it fairly fast.

Even if you loop the chain through wheel to wheel, a van with 4 beefy dudes can roll up, put a steel bar through both wheels, lift and into the van they go, and be gone in less than 60 seconds. Then they can deal with alarms or chains at their leisure.

Even if it's chained, kept under a full cover, has a good audio alarms, etc, a spanking brand new Busa is too tempting a target if it's frequently parked in the same location. You're liable to come out one morning and be gut-punched when you see a whole lot of nothing where you parked your Busa the night before.

Got LoJack? (which helps little if it's sent to a chop shop and process in a matter of hours...)

You need a girlfriend with a garage, 'bro....
I'd trust a mobile home screw in anchor better or use 1" cold roll . rebar's easily cut.
nice pictorial walk though and pretty stealthy. good luck
In addition to all that, make sure you have comprehensive coverage on your bike.

Better than nothing IowaDiver. It will dissuade a percentage of the thieves. I'm guessing the 75% of unsophisticated idiots that can only be bothered stealing a bike if they and some buddies can lift or "one wheel" a "wheel locked only" target onto a trailer or a truck box.

Too bad your contraption cost someone else a few thousand dollars. If the bad karma exists, something will happen to your bike there now anyway.

Mike B
Check out the videos I posted the other day in this same forum for chains and how long it takes to defeat them... +3 on the rebar, won't last 2 seconds! BUT, you've got the right idea.. Most crooks are lazy unless they know exactly what they want, then they will spend the time to get it! This is still better than just parking it out in the open! Get an alarm with perimeter protection and this set-up should at least keep you notified when the the theives come for your bike...

Sorry, can't stop laughing when I saw the pictures with the water! To funny... Glad it worked out and they didn't find your new set-up and send you a bill for repair of the sprinkler system (thats my guess anyway).
Had me cracking up with that shaddy ass retreat you did after busting the water pipe.

As everyone else has said though, it is a good effort but that rebar will split like a warm knife through butter. It can be done quietly too.
well, to make you all feel better, I do have several other "security" devices employed, but you never know who is lurking on these sites, so I don't want to tip anyone off.... the rebar lockup was just a little icing on the cake deterant... and the bike is covered when I am there.... fortunatly she comes to my place more often.

as for the water pipe, when I hit it, a construction guy ran over from a project down the way and was like "what the F did you do, man? Grab you post hole digger and get the f out of here" He called his supervisor and they were the ones that got it fixed... he was really cool, and it was just a sprinkler line.... but damn, a lot of water came out.
Yeah, rebar cuts VERY easy. It's soft metal. A pair of regular garden variety boltcutters will go through that like nothing. A metal saw will too, and I'm not even talking about a power one. Also, you can put liquid nitrogen on it and tap it with a hammer and it'll shatter.
Our part of the country has these ads running "Call before you dig"
you could not script a better ad that this one