How secure is "overkill"?


There was a thread on this board earlier with a great picture of a Kyrptonite NY Noose snapped and a Gixxer taken -- right next to a CobraLink with a 'Busa and a dent in it (the chain, that is -- the bike was fine, apparently).

Now a determined thief will take your bike, of course, and I've read all of the precaution FAQs so I practice as many basic security procedures as I can, but is something like a Krypto chain just TOO easy to snap?

I mean, you still need a grinder or a jack to snap it, and CobraLinks are even more vulnerable to jack attacks, though they are very resistant to bolt cutters. However, a die grinder will do ANYTHING in 15 seconds or less, so NOTHING's perfect.

The old addage is that chains keep honest folk honest, but I guess my real question is -- what does it take THESE DAYS to keep honest people honest? An ABUS hex chain or armored cable? An alarm with a pager? ...

I look at security as something I can spend up to my deductible + first year's depreciation on, so that's quite a bit. It just may not be worth it any more...? *Sheesh*...
I have a Kryptonite Fougetabouit Chain and lock. I feel really good about it, but I still want to add an alarm with a pager. Typically i use it if i'm traveling long distances and have to leave the bike out overnight at a hotel. I figure the chain acts as a visual deterent.Hopefully a theif will look for easier prey. Or that if a theif spots it they probably wont have the tools to break it with them. And chances are I'll be down the road and at another hotel the next night.

I got the chain and the lock for $99, a cheap investment when you consider the average cost of mods for a busa. And it gives me some peace and security when i have to leave it out..... or as much peace as one can have when trying to go to sleep knowing your "baby" is outside all alone... By the way I usually lock it down to a pole outside my hotel room door or in front of the front desk of a hotel. So it not sitting in the dark somewhere.
Common sense keeps honest people honest. Unfortunately, common sense is not so common.

Personally, I think alarms and locks just provide a false sense of security for owners. In the past two and half years, I have never had an alarm and have never had a lock anywhere on the bike (other than the steering lock). And I do not consider myself 'just lucky'. I always study the area where I will park carefully. If I have to be somewhere unfamiliar for a long time, I try to borrow a friend's car or just get dropped off (my bike is my only transport right now). Even when I was living in what some would call a 'high risk' area, I made sure the bike was out of sight as much as possible. If you get spotted by a prospective 'buyer', locks and alarms are just minor annoyances that make the job more fun.

I know there is always a 'chance' it can be stolen, but with a little study and work, I make that 'chance' as slim as possible. A good practice is to play the thief. Ask yourself how you would spot and steal your own bike, then go out and look at other bikes and think how easily you could steal those. That will help quite a bit next time you choose a parking spot, even if it is for only 'five minutes'.
I jus never take my eye off my bike.
Don't take it shoppin, don't take it to the movies, yadayadayada......and you'd have to be pretty dumb to break into my place.
Fully wired, steal shop, surrounded by dogs, and me.
And I like weapons.
When I get to Bike week next week I plan on using a Kyrptonite Cable lock to tie down the Busa and just hope for the best.

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Why not have a small sticker made that says "This vehicle protected by Lo-Jack".....................