Bike Security

funny on the "shady retreat" HA. you got lucky the maintenance guy was kool, i'd hate to see tha bill $.

when i had my harley i was renting, luckily the landlord had a carport and was nice enough to let me use it. i purchased some brown vinyl construction tarp and made a "door" so it wouldn't be "seen" from the street. remember "out of site out of mind", the brown tarp also camouflaged the port by making it blend in with the surrounding trees. in your case maybe bike cover that blends with the background. i also chained the bike to one of the carports post, and purchased a Xena alarmed disc brake lock. the Xena disc lock sounds when the bike is straightened off the kick stand.

remember to not let anyone tail you home. sure they can possibly run your plate somehow but i always make sure no one's driving behind me when entering my neighborhood. if someone is behind me i pull over and let them pass. i now have a garage and still don't let anyone follow me.

look into a Scorpio alarm with perimeter sensor if possible.

the harder you make it for them and the more attention you attract the better.
hey, it looks safe to me, but if they want it, they will take it.
Scorpio alarm,
I used to date a girl that had a sliding glass door, she would let me roll it in her living room.
I would hate to have to park my bike outdoors.

I hated leaving it on a trailer while going to rides. I had it chained to the chock with about 4' of chain. They could get it loose, but it would have made a he77 of a racket, plus i covered it, have roadlok, locks on the ramp gate, backed into the building so the ramp could not go down....and still slept with the window to the room open so I could hear...with my pistol by my side.
I was thinking about doing that at my apt complex. But I thought....If they want it, They will get it. Thats how I got my Busa. I had an R-1 and I kept it outside my Apt everyday for a year. Parked it in the same spot. One morning, the wife woke me up and said....Your bike is gone. I laid there and said...I have insurance. Statefarm paid me the full value for the R-1 and it was Busa time. So thank you..who ever you are for stealing my R-1 from Philadelphia. What kind of person would steal from an United States Army Soldier?
The SCUM of the earth my friend that is who. Thank you for what you and your brothers did and continue to do for our country.


Get a Road Lok; talk to Rubber2burn. Also no one mentioned a cover, out of sight out of mind for most people.You need a better ground anchor than what you have; it is a weak link. A good alarm is important. I also have a disc lock on the front.Am I paranoid, you bet! some one tried to lift my bike a while back but they didn't like the big chain and lock connected to a hardened ground anchor.
Can't wait to hear the story where someone spotted the thieves and shot them to death attempting to steal a Busa.

Like the guy who shot to death a burgular who broke into his neighbor's house. Called 911 and everything was recorded. Even the shotgun blast.
Roadlok, bike cover and full coverage insurance for me... I do garage the bike when home I figure if they really want the bike, anything more than the roadlok is just added expense.. I still think a bait bike and a sniper rifle would be fun
My busa and r6 both sleep in the bedroom next to mine... It sucked giving up my own weightroom but a gym membership is a small price to pay for knowing that my babies are safe.
Oh Grass Hopper, so young and inexperienced. Willing to give up a brand new busa for a piece of butt!

Florida is a hot bed for bike theives. I recently read that your bike is more likely to be stolen in Florida over any other state.

Leaving your bike outside at an apartment complex is like anouncing your willingness to part ways with your bike, unopposed. No chain will deter a professional thief. It will indeed keep the high school kids from hot wiring it and taking it for a joy ride. If the guy that steals bikes for a living finds it, it will be gone in 30 seconds but they will leave your chain behind as a token of thanks.

A marlin spike and a three pound hammer will snap any hardened chain or open hooked lock. Hardened chains and locks resist hack saw and bolt cutters but the old marlin spike trick is quick and easy.

Sorry Grass Hopper, if your bike is left outside, buy full coverage insurance.
on top of everything else I have done, I do have full coverage insurance, including an additional $3K for extra parts and accessories.... I'm not too worried.... plus keep in mind, I don't park at her place too often, I usually have it garaged at my place.