Well its bike season again. And unfortunately the thieves will be out as well. I'm curious as to what you'll are doing to secure you bikes when you're on the road. I'm thinking about doing a road trip to new orleans and a few other spots, but bike security is always a concern. I just order the KRYPTONITE FAHGETABOUDIT 5' CHAIN W/ EV LOCK - (MFG: 132033) for $99.95. It suppose to provide maximum security. And if your bike is stolen they will reimburse you $500 for your troubles.

Any ideas for a good bike alarm w/remote paging?

How do i set this up as a poll?


Sig 380 is my choice, I use a kryptonite u -type lock that goes through both front discs but if you for get to take it off you'll shear off you valve stem, unfortunetly i'm speaking from expirence. I use a Xena disc lockw/alarm siren.Get insurance enough to cover your bike and mods.If you get yourself a pager type alarm and depending where you live you might not want to surprise a thief it could be dangerous . If they want it ,its theirs.The best thing to do is try to keep the honest people honest.


hey guys, it's funny that you bring up this subject now. my friend and i both have bikes and her cousin is currently in jail for stealing bikes. he told us he could steal our bikes in 30 seconds and that we should put locks on our them. he said the most difficult lock to break is the small krytonite (u shaped) that goes through the rotor. it's supposed to be very difficult get off. he and his buddies would pass up bikes with those locks on them because they took too long to try and break. but like jetset said, if you forget that you have it on you're screwed!!

the key to my lock is on the same keychain as my bike key and it has a big green dot on it. i can't help but look at it when i start my bike. i also put the lock on near the frame so there is no room to roll before starting so i can't begin to take off.

if the thieves want your bike bad enough, they will just pick it up and take it. but at least the lock is a deterrent for the 30 second guys... just my .02


The only problem with haveing only rotor locks is that all they have to do is remove the front tire. then they just put the bike in the back of a truck.

Does anyone know the maufacturer of the disc locks with the siren on them?


The one that I have is a Xena disc alarm if you unlock the bars and turn the forks the alarm will sound, if you move the bike the alarm goes off,so you can't ride away with it on.There is another method to remember you disc lock is on there is a little plastic tag that looks like a stop sign that you put into the keyway on your bike to remind you.


i had a xena disc alarm and it worked great noise and all..but when my bike got stolen i realized that disc alarms were great if you were inhearing distance of it, but if not the bike just goes in the van or back of someone's truck. What i've learned--from having a bike stolen- is that you really need a to connect your bike to an immovable object with a really good chain and lock.. And then connect it through the swingarm,since you can't slip it through the frame. Well that's my 2 cents

Chroming is expensive, keep it locked up lol

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