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I was coming back from the local bike meet the other night when I was passed by a 06' Gixxer 750 (my young mate Adam), WTF :cursin: i thought, time to open the Busa up, OK I closed the gap but found that I was approaching the series of very tight bend to fast (9.30 at night and dark visor). The brembo's pulled me up OK but it fooked the complete series of bends (5 in total) by that time it was to late, the gixer was well ahead of me. So me thinks, what wrong with the bike (or is it me). This particular road is very twistie and may well be better suited to the smaller bike, but mines a busa, unbeatable :whistle: So test the Busa is running as it should (engine has been out for a clutch rod seal) OK out on the open road we test top gear roll on 70 - 140, my brother in law Ian follows on a Gixxer 1100 but has to drop 2 gears to keep up, next I drop 2 gears and bye bye Gixxer. So nothing wrong with the Busa. It then dawns on me, I am being laze, I am not taking the Busa to the stops, I am short shifting and just waiting for it to pick up :boohoo:

The next time will be different, no more dark visors for me, and I will not be laze any more. Sorry guys and gals that I let you all down but will be back:beerchug:



Have you ridden on that road before? Dont worry, it was at night and you couldn't see much with tinted visors. You live and learn. Now go find that gixxer 750 and beat him!


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the reason why I always use a clear visor, you can wear shades undernieth and take them off and store, not so easy to store your other visor


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The next time will be different, no more dark visors for me, and I will not be laze any more. Sorry guys and gals that I let you all down but will be back:beerchug:
Don't let it happen again. :poke:




Glad you made it home safely. Some people in that situation don't.....keep it safe...especially at night:beerchug:


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I never push very hard at night either. Bend it into a corner and the headlight shortens up to a few feet in front of the bike, all of a sudden the corner you can easily take at 70 in the daytime is scary at 35 at night.


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Not to worry! You are not the first to be spanked by a more agile bike and you certainly won't be the last.

The big girl is a great bike but it's not much competition in the twisties!

Pick your battles wisely!



1st off you had nothing to prove.

2nd - You may be getting a little wiser and a little older.

Don't worry it happens to all of us. Pick the rematch wisely and you will see he had everything to prove.


I don't think I'd be trying a Gixxer 750, with a skilled rider in the twisties !! That would be like a 750 trying to take a Busa on a straigh highway, JMO though...


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I agree with the other wise and sensible riders, pick your fight. You've got nothing to prove. Every1 knows the Busa is THE bike. I once heard a funny, a bull and calf were standing on a hilltop overlooking some cows; the calf said lets run down and hump 1 paw, the wise bull said, son, let's walk down and do 'em all!!!
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