Im looking for some advise


Hi everyone. I have just returned from military duty overseas. When I arrived home, my wife said lets get you a new bike! I am 6'5 about 225. I was torn between the gixxer 1000 and the busa. I dont know if I am going to be comfortable on the gixxer because of my size. The dealership wont let me test drive because of ins reasons. I was kind of set on the gixxer until I sat on it at the dealer. Anyone have any suggestions?
Also the price of the Busa was 10,899. I dont know if that is a decent price in NJ or what I should try to pay for it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Go with the Busa !!!


The gixxer 1000 might be to small for you with an uncomfortable seating position. The dealer should at least let you sit on in the show room so you can get the feel of it. Then try the Busa you will probably find the Busa has a bit more room. Gixxer is a replica racer better at the track than on the street. Busa is better on the street than at the track. So depends on what you do most with the bike. Which ever one you decide on good luck....................Knebnr
The 'Busa will certainly be more comfortable than the 1000 for some-one your size. Though not suitable for the track the 'Busa performs very well for a bike of it's size.
Welcome home from over-seas, hope you were one of the lucky boys that got the U.S. of A. some PAY-BACK! :whip:
To help you out Ill tell you that I payed $9,800 for my 2002 that included "set-up" and registration but not Tax. The list at my Dealer was $10,859 But I worked on this price with the sales dude for couple weeks, and I was fortunate that somone else wasn't tring to buy this Busa while I was. I live in Wisconsin so the demand for cycles isn't high as other places in USA. GET the BUSA theres good room for the wife to hop on once in a while too!
I am 6'1" and 200 pounds. I find the busa very comfortable. The only thing i would say is I cant lay down on it like I did my FZR600, but hey this is a busa. Ive got 250 miles on it and love it. I paid 10300 for it two weeks ago.
You should try Cycle That should give you some dealers and prices.

Definitely go with the busa (not being biased here, either). You'll literally dwarf the 1000 and long trips can be troublesome. If you are after handling and agility, just slap a 180 on the rear, tighten the preload, compression and rebound and you'll be dragging your knees left and right all day long, keeping right up with liter bikes in the curves and wasting them on the straights.
Contact me, I can get you one way cheaper in eastern PA. I am 6'4" 235 and I love my Busa, The Gixxer 1000 is way uncomfy!