What do ya think about this price?


I went to the dealership today. For a 2002 Busa out the door (price, tax, prep... blah blah blah) $12,680. The price on the bike is $10,899. I live in Vegas so if anybody in Cali. Arizona or any state close to Nevada. Finds a better price at a dealer near you let me know.
There are two dealers in town only one of them has the 2002. I may go up to Utah and look too. Do you guys think I should wait or am I only going to save a few bucks if I look around?
To hight buddy. I paid 10,500 out the door. Didn't try to lower the price, cause I race mountain bikes for the owner. The sticker price was 9,800 and that's what I paid, just like any other Tom bobo or Harry. Sure could have got one cheaper, but you need to consider service after the sale!
12-6 is way too much.

Check out Cycle Trader. A lot of of dealers advertise prices. I don't know about the west coast, but you may be able to find as low as $9200 OTD without having to order from Canada.

Luckily, the market this year seems to be on larger Cruisers (VROD, VMAX, VTX, etc.), which have all gone through the roof. Great deals can be found on busas, new and used. Look around and don't rush. You'll be thankful later when you have more cash to spend on gear.
I agree that price is too much. The MSRP is $10,849 but of course there are prep & ship charges... tax ... Does your state have sales tax? If so try and get a bike from a near by state that doesnt and avoid California bikes, as they have added smog junk on em. I found my bike on Cycletrader in Florida OTD & delivered to Hawaii for $9500 it had only 600 miles on it. They also wanted $12,000 OTD here at the local Suzuki shop. Save some $ for other add ons you might want later.

Good Luck
I looked on Cycle trader found a few good deals on used bikes but they were all in Cali. Is the smog equipment that they put on that bad?
The price on the bike brand new was 1200 bucks cheaper.
California has a charcoal canister (same as any car post-1976) which amounts to 4 lbs. Not sure of any other major differences for 2002.
I also agree,Too High!!, My local dealer just had a spring sale and I seen a new blue and black Busa 2002 listed with a sticker price of $9699 ,, and Im sure there still making a fair amount of money at that price.

Yea, that is to high. I paid $9100 for one from Canada, plus $350 to ship it to me. So mine was $9450 to my door. Look around you can get a better price than that.