Woot! Got a new truck!


After 3 Fords and a couple of Chevy's Im trying Dodge out. Ive always respected the Cummins motor and now I can get hands on one. Got this 06 today with the 24V HO 5.9 and so far Im happy. I was even happier to find out the last owner had the trans rebuilt 20K ago. In fact I was seriously pumped. The truck already has a 5" straight pipe and was never tuned so it wasn't abused. They are throwing in a new set of BFG mud terrains and a full detail to boot. Pretty killer truck.
Nice ride. Now let's put a drop kit on it and have it hug the ground.
Thanks guys, Im stoked that it's almost like a blank canvas, there's a lot of room to build this truck. I got the service history and the guy had it in for an oil change every 2000 miles :laugh:
Awesome purchase. I am a Ford guy myself. Always wanted to give the Cummins a try.

The powerstroke 7.3 is a fantastic engine but just eats automatic transmissions, I went through several even after having them built up. If I could have found a low mile 7.3 in manual I would have jumped on it but they are nearly mythical now. Second day with the dodge and Im still pretty stoked, I cant wait to tune it.