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looking to purchase a new truck in the future,so im doing my homework starting now, ive have always owned ford vechiles, but never a truck. ive a 2002 Explorer xlt 4x4 that im giving my wive, since she drives it all the time. So im getting something hopefully that will keep her grubby hands off :laugh: but the main reason is for towing,being able to move and carry large stuff, you know what i mean. Im not looking for anything fancy, but simple enough, that will get the job done.

my choice would be the 2004 Ford F150 supercab which wheelbase supposed to be 6in longer this year, i also looked at the f150 crew cab, which has the 4dr theory ,which i like but the bed is small as heck,

Since i like Fords, this Dodge Ram SLT1500 Quad cab 4x4 has caught my attention. It has the 4dr, which i like and the bed is longer than the Fords. here is where i need help, im trying to compare the two trucks but the dodge has couple different engines that i have no idea what im looking at, my question would be is there an advantage to having one over the other.
1. 5.9 v8
2.4.7 litre
3. hemi---
also have some other factor that im debating on whether to get the 4x4 or not ,since i have never used it on the Explorer, do i really need it, it will save me some $$$$ on the purchase price. but is it better to have it ,or regret later, that i wish i had got it. i dont know.

thanks for your help
I really likes my Chevy. Drives as smooth as a car. Only downside is I would like to do about a 4inch lift but independent susp. is way more to do than a straight axle.

I really likes my Chevy. Drives as smooth as a car. Only downside is I would like to do about a 4inch lift but independent susp. is way more to do than a straight axle.

OOPS howd that happen? oh wel twice as nice ! :tounge: ;) :tounge:

A DODGE with the HEMI is the only way to go. Ask yourself why most drag cars use a HEMI style motor? emultaion = flatery! In my opinion the fit and finish on the Dodges is also better. I have a 99' Dodge Durango that I use it to tow and I love it. 360ci, posi rearend, lower rear-end gears, all from the factory. Will tow almost 8000lbs right out of the box, not bad for an SUV.
Not much of a Ford fan......but the new cosole shift is kinda cool.....they didn't change the look enough on the new one though......not a heck of alot different from the last one.
The main reason I wouldn't own a Ford.........a guy I know owns a tranny shop says he does one Dodge, and one Chev to every eight ford trannies.......that keeps me away.
We have a 94 ford F350 work truck here that's been through 4 trannies in almost ten years.......has 200,000 klms on it, and has never been of our Dodge work trucks has 140,000 on it and pulls a trailer all the time is still on it's first tranny.
I've personaly had lots of Chevs, and two Dodges one 00.
One had the 5.9 gas the other the Cummins.
Never had one single problem with either of them.
If I was going to buy a new gas truck today, it would be the four door shortbox Dodge with the Hemi in it......absolutely beautiful to drive......lots of room.......tons of power.....and killer looking truck too.........but that's just me.
Oh yeah......if you have the cash get the's when ya don't have it..... that's when ya need it.
My .02
Well I dont own one right now but will be in the market next year. The guys that work for me have all kinds. My choice I think will be a Ford F-250 crew(4 dr) with a V-8 diesel. Diesel is always cheaper and they run like no ones business. And 4 wheel drive, well the jeeps I had in the past i didn't use 4 wd much. But the times I did it was worth it. And likey the money you spend on this kind of vehicle makes it a long time purchase. Meaning you'll drive it for more than 8 years or untill the wheels fall off, so your needs may change. Its a nice option to have.
Just my thoughts.
Hope it helped:D
i own a 96 ram with a cummins deisel 4x4 its is a monster! i can pull anything and she does pretty good on fuel plus 3-400,000 is not a big deal with a deisel. new trucks though i dont know i have a couple gmc's (01 3500,99 2500) and dont have any trouble with them either i think you cant go wrong with either. we are going shopping for a new yukon soon, i think gm gives a better ride over ford and dodge just my .02
...oh and If u can afford it 4 wd is the way to go and they keep their value longer gas milage is not that big a diff on either.


i am an expert at my own opinon ... :tounge: ;) :tounge:
Get a Tahoe. That way you can chew yourself out everytime you need a truck. :argue:
if you think that hemi has power try a 8100 Chevy big block with the allison transmission.. 17mpg also.. pretty good considering the horsepower, and it is afterall 502 cubic inches. thats highway of course.

The hemi is a cute, cuddly kitten.. while the 8100 is a lion on steriods with a terrible temper!

plus the Chevrolets ride 3X as good a dodge... better resell also.

Fords outta the question cuz that "new" truck is the same ole POS with a different body.