With september upon us...


Still got love for ya's...
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...and October right around the corner... it's time to start planning for BiketoberFest  once again!

So you planning on being there this year? I don't think we made it out last year..due to the crappy weather... so I'm hoping we'll be able to get out there this year~ If you've never been.. it's a great time~ Yeah.. there's a lot of Hardleys and the like, but unlike Bike Week.. BiketoberFest draws in quite a lot of Sportbikes too~ Would be awesome to get a whole bunch of us Org members rolling through there at one time!
I'm lookin forward to seeing some old faces and hopefully meeting some new ones...  
Here's a few pics from my last visit in '04...

From left to right..

GJoker- Relsek- Diesel- FlyinJay

...arrival in Daytona~ FlyinJay had us a spot all set up!

..and Spicey, Diesel, myself, and LadyHawk enjoyed a good lunch~

It was a great ride... great company, good meeting org members, and just an all around good time! Hope to see/meet some of ya's there this year...
Sorry, Greg, never been and would be interested in tagging along but going to be in Chicago/South Bend that weekend. Tis' the college football season.

Maybe another time we can try and organize a local org event? We have quite a few members around west/central FL area.
I'll have to check with the other members of the Heman Women Haters Club, but I'm pretty sure no girls are aloud!
Nothin solid set as of yet~ I'm not one for makin plans, myself.. I just take things day by day~ Last year was rained out on the weekend I had 'planned' to go~ I'm hoping to make it out there this year... but it remains to be seen~ I'll know best when the weekend is upon us...
Ok folks. Who's going and how are we gonna find each other? I'm gonna be there saturday morning sometime. Post up or shoot a PM.