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V8 Busa

Hey guys, figured I'd come and introduce myself and why I'm here. I don't own a busa nor have I even owned a street bike. I am an avid enthusiast of automotive engineering and going fast. The 1300 busa design is ridiculously impressive, the torque numbers are good but it's not a true testament to how good it is. The true feat is maintaining that torque for almost 7000 rpm not to mention it doesn't even have VVT! Imagine if it was a 2.6 v8 :) a constant 200 ft-lbs for 7000 rpm and in a 200 lb package?! It's just insane to think about... or is? Radical, hartley and synergy already have motors designed around this but they cost about $30-40 grand for a long block so it's definitely possible.

Who the hell do I think I am?! I have a masters in mechanical engineering although most of my time in school was spent designing the technical architecture of our Formula SAE car but I specialized in powertrain and suspension design. I currently have access to a suite of engineering software, a 5-axis mill and a competent machinist. I've got the conceptual design mostly finished so I know I can design it and I know I can make it but the question is if I can do it affordably. Right now I'm estimating about $10k for a finished long block. I really want to get the design done for under $1k so that I can have a big buffer in cse the quotes for manufacturing are much higher than expected. $1k is quite a challenge without buying a full motor so I came here looking for help. I need help finding busted parts, broken cranks and windowed blocks to get stock dimensions from.

I've uploaded a couple fun pics, take them with a grain of salt. There is a TON of math and logistics going on behind these pictures. The pic of the hartley V8 is not mine, I just added it to get people psyched.




Kiwi Rider

Welcome to the forum.
I’m sure you will be able to get some help with broken bits of Busa parts for your amazing concept project, we are always interested in any engineering projects involving high performance design,.
Not so long ago we had a member from Europe build a 5 cylinder Busa motor, he took a stock 4 cyl Busa engine and added a 5th cylinder cut from another Busa engine, it was an amazing build !

intro my friend, enjoy the forum :thumbsup: :race:


Nice! I haven’t seen one in years and I travel the whole country. Hot Rod magazine did a V8, wanna say it was a Caddy motor.

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