Next month marks my third year of riding. In that time have done some poker runs, attended local/regional bike rallies/festivals and local "meetup & ride's."

Let's all agree; there are different people, who ride different types of motorcycles, for different reasons , at different comfortability levels; at different times in their lives.

I currently live in the Midwest, in Missouri. For me, ... again, ... for me, poker runs have been the most enjoyable. Different walks of people at all ages, on different types of bikes, all coming together for common purpose; and to have fun and ride.

I've been on some extremely exsillerating rides; solo and in groups. (track too) For me, that was not the main reason I bought a motorcycle.

Connecting with other people; was the reason I always wanted to ride; is the reason I continue to ride; and will always be the passion behind my riding.

What's the passion behind for your riding ?


For me, I ride alone or with a group. No more than 10 for me. I'm not a fan of massive runs with lots of bikes.
My passion used to be short, fast and hard riding.
Now as I'm gettting older, I'm into cruising or touring. With the odd blast here and there. (2 bikes, boulevard and the Busa)

I love getting out and just being free. I'm not all about "the twisties" either. I just love riding. With the guys on a ride, finding out of the way pubs and bars for lunch.
The only bit of passion I've lost over the years is heading out when I know it's going to rain... it's just not enjoyable ..


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Acceleration, speed, wheelies, knee dragging fast corners, instilling fear in the general population, general hooliganism.
I live around many incredible roads.
Owning a 1k or bigger is like owning my own roller coaster.
I also support law enforcement, in that I like to give Roscoe the ocsassional thrill that he's gonna bring in one of those Dukes.
But in 29 years of riding, it just hasn't ever worked out for them, lol


I have been riding for 44 years. I started with dirt bikes/Dual purpose, metric bikes, sport bikes, Harleys and back again.

Since my last Busa I had 10 years ago I have been riding Harley's. I think I was getting bored. Having another Busa has renewed my passion in riding. I love riding it and my ZX. I ride mostly alone.


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I have been riding since I was 11 (started on an old Suzuki Enduro 80cc (with a chrome tank). Had lots of 2 strokes (RD200, Kawi 250 triple, RD400 Daytona), then switched to Suzukis and have had them ever since.

I rode in groups, I was the President of our base motorcycle club and group riding was both a pain and fun at the same time.

Nowadays, I have a riding buddy and we travel around the local area going for lunch short trips 120-150kms. Primarily I ride alone and have a few favourite roads I frequent.

I have waited a long time to buy my first Busa but am very happy to have finally got one.



Honestly it doesn’t matter what or where I’m riding....... I’ve been riding since I was in grade school. Dirtbikes, crotch rockets or Harley’s long as I’m on 2wheels there is nothing better.

I’ve migrated more towards my Harley as of late. I’m able to travel and see different parts of the country and meet people from all walks of life. Still love throwing a leg over my Busa and feeling they rush of acceleration. If everywhere around me wasn’t posted private property or such a hassle to ride I’d still be riding dirtbikes. I miss the hill climbs and rush of flying through the air launching off a table top!!!


I've always loved motorcycles from at least 4 years old , my eldest brother was a big influence on me in this regard . I have always loved riding all my bikes over the many years , and in particular this Busa , which I count as my most enjoyable bike ever . I ride it in and out of town , to the hills , where most of my riding is done , and mostly by myself . I have found a lot of people have dropped off riding at least on the road or even all together over the years . I always found it distracting to be lead rider and monitoring whether the other riders are either keeping up or whatever , even though this is where I prefer to ride . For perhaps selfish reasons , I truly enjoy the concentration and completeness of a great solo ride stringing sets of challenging corners together , to finally finish off the spirited ride with satisfied reflection and feeling of calmness no drug induced high has ever come close to duplicating for me . I hope to keep on enjoying motorcycles , as old injuries and chance allow me , I will be riding something .


I ride alone 99.9% of the time or with the GF but prefer it that way. I don't like to ride in groups much at all just do things at my own pace and go where I like to go. Sometimes a friend tags along but not one for group rides. I ran a jet ski club with 50 members and it was always a shitshow. People running late, not checking their batteries before the rides etc. Found myself more of a baby sitter and mechanic than actually enjoying it. No matter what, I love to ride.


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The best rides I have ever had were those combinations, 3 or 4 of us making cross country journeys for a couple of days so that we could meet up with a 50 - 100 other busa friends in Robbinsville. A journey just to get to an adventure... Tons of fun.