what would you do with $5000


ok i just paid my busa off and am looking at around 5000 i do not want to spend anymore than that i have a pretty much stock 2002 blk/blue i need some sugestions because im going to take her to the shop in less than a month to get worked on...so far i have been tossing between big bore and stroke .or a turbo but i want to have enough to have it built right...i'm on a mediocre budget....any help or comments would be apreciative
ok my goal is aprox 200-250 hp .. i don't want a real lot of hp its just i paid her off haven't been able to ride and i got a lil cash from my time in iraq to blow....
the requirement is that it will be a daily driver so i want something reliable the only thing i have settled on is the hmf big bird exaust and a power commander 3r which i want to buy asap
<span style='color:black'>Do you want to ride it all of the time and for a while? Probably a big bore kit, turbo would be ok. Some practical items you could live with/without:

- Could easily spend $1k or more on suspension improvements (Ohlins rear shock with remote preload adjuster comes to mind)
- $600 for a pair of HIDs (great for night riding, last forever, uses less juice)
- $600 for a pair of Corbin seats with a backrest (I recommend the basketweave vinyl, good sturdy support)
- $300 for a Ventura rack system and bag (if you like to go places and bring stuff along)
- $150-400 for a killer MP3 player setup (including helmet wiring)
- $100 for a gear indicator (very useful in the twisties, kinda a pain to install)
- $60 for a moto computer and harness, such as the TrailTech or SigmaSport (extra trip stats, accurate speedo)
- $40-50 for an accessory outlet (BMW or cig plug, drives heated gear in winter)
- $250+ (+ installation) for SS or Kevlar brake lines (i.e., Goodridge) and HH+ sintered pads (stops like a brick wall)

...getting warmer or colder (gotta new credit card, did ya)?

I have all of these goodies, except for the Ohlins shock (stock is very good for me, though I had them on my BMW and they were aaawwwesome), and I haven't installed the SS lines installed yet so I don't know how much labor is involved -- prolly a lot, I'm sure.

Every one of these goodies enables you to take your 'Busa further out there before you quit and pack it in for the day -- which, in turn, gives you more time to go fast
. I mean, how much faster do you *want* to go than a stock 'Busa, eh? Well, I suppose there is always *faster yet* ...

Of course, there's always:

...$100 for an ERC day (kinda fun, useful skills)
...$200+ for a track day, depending on tires, fuel, prep, etc. (i.e., reduc)
...$600-3000+ for a track SCHOOL (way fun, and you could use someone else's bike so you don't have to prep the 'Busa)</span>
just want to mess with the motor....more power i really don't need any comfort items but thanx for the sugestions though
if it was my 5 grand, iwould take the ol'lady on a nice vacation after all she lets me buy anything i want including 5 new bikes in 12 years. then spend a grand on the big bird exhaust
The absolute very first thing I would do is to buy a hayabusa.org shirt.




My question is what you really gonna do with 200-250 hp on a daily driver?
? If you gonna race it or take it to the strip then my suggestion list would be different than if you are gonna use it as a daily commuter.... I need a little more detail
schmud0811...I think I know exactly what your talking about.  I'm building a part time racer/daily-riding bike right now.  I'm going to have somewhere around 244hp on my baby.  Non-turbo/non-nitrous.  Once completed my bike will be 1507cc.  Here are all the parts I can think of off the top of my head.  My list is at home and I'm at work...

Crankshaft Stroked 5mm/balanced/lightened/stroke plate/and counter balance gear removed just under $1100
JE Pistons 1397cc $420
Yoshimura stage 1 $600 (most reliable...ppl will argue the point so your choice of cams but your going to want something that uses stock parts (they last longer)).
Cylinders bored $500 (Millennium Technologies)
HP Gaskets .030 $80 Base $29
Valves stainless steel $250
Spring $130 (My busa 3 yrs old)
Yoshi tri-oval full titanium $1700 dual tip exit 4-2-1
Power Commander $250 00' model
Starter Gear $180 (when APE had it on sale)
Oil Pump Gear $100
Muzzy radiator fan $30 (suppose to cool better than stock we'll see)
Clutch Mod $150
Clutch Mod slave support $60
Pair Valve Block off Plates $35 (when I bought them...ALOT cheaper now)
Air Filter $70 K&N
Small Air Box Mod free
TRE $60 (I got robbed...can get it cheaper on Ebay or make yourself)
...all I can remember for now...if I remember something later I'll post it.

Oh and your question about port and polishing...with Carpenter Racing between 30-50hp increase. I wouldn't go anywhere else than Carpenter Racing for Porting PERIOD. Boreing(look above).

One thing about this...I'm not sure at this time if I'll need higher volume fuel pump about $200 from what I've seen thus far.  I have MANY MANY more mods being done...but I'd figure I just list the engine parts.  Total thus far is about $8500 in mods total.  I'm going to tell you bro once you start your not going to stop.  If I lived in the states it would be cheaper...but I live in Japan and costs me extra for shipping.  I'll do pic when its done...should be done near the end of this month...crank was just sent to me (took APE 5 weeks to complete crank).  Got anymore questions just ask...btw what branch you in?  AF here baby...
If you go the big bore route.

Muzzy Big Bore

Muzzy has a big bore kit $2900 with billet block but there's plenty of material in the stock block for boring...... besides,  most of the cost goes for the billet block.  This will easily give you 200 reliable hp with the pcrIII and exhaust.  If you want to add mad loot..... a forged stroker crank and 1.6 liter+ displacement would push that hp gain way up but you are considering keeping the thing stuck to the road right?

You'll have to do a clutch basket upgrade or you gonna chew through the stock clutch and your gonna need to upgrade the starter or your gonna fry it and potentially the block as well.

Skipping the billet block you should still be under the 5k mark

These guys have a nice application and access to all needed upgrades but they're in the UK  Good reference source though

TTT Performance

Check out the Supercharger applications claiming 265hp at the rear wheel but your talkin $7500 ride in/ride out cost

Little too salty fer me  
.....Both cost wise and the last time I rode to the UK I had to trash all my gear .........

Turbo option base price will be around 3800

Hahn Turbo
I was thinking a big bore conversion this winter........would be a fun project but I saw this kit and am now thinking of crossing over to the other side

This looks REALLY SWEET and maybe I'll be turn the wrenches on this instead

Tough to decide what to do.....  Big bore is reliable bolt on madness
Turbo has a mystique all it's own

Wish I were  in your shoes

yeah quite an expensive list daddy fat ya got going thier....im in the corps i just got back from iraq so i got a nice chunk to blow on the bike...but not 8500 like you have spent so far...well i do have 2 kidneys and i only need one
i think its looking on headwork and bumping up the compression i guess i've been pouring over the internet and ebay for a couple hours all i bought so far are some block off valves..

See mine also includes HID Lights, Paint Job (solid nothing special), sprockets, X- Ring chain EK, Handle grips, Kevlar break/clutch lines, Clear Alternatives LED Clear Lens, Polished Hayabusa rotor cover (APE), 1" mirror extenders, Hayabusa decals, undertail mod(slight), hayabusa chain guard, polished handle bar ends, steel subframe, and $1k for the work(a good friend).  See thats part of that $8.5k.  
piss my wife off thoroughly I bet!

hmm... and I'd buy the ti force full system exhaust and a yosh box... then I'd buy a 6 pack of corona and 2 limes to enjoy whilest installing my new stuff.

then I'd give the rest to my old man and make him buy a new bike instead of his old rattle trap kawi.

do I win? do you need my mailing address.. or will it be direct deposit?

haha.. playin' man. wb from the land-over-yunder