what kind of bike


My brother is all hyped about my new busa so now he wants to buy one. He has about 6 years experiece off and on though with bikes and quads. He was lookin at a honda 929, kwak ninja zx 10r, or a 2004 yamaha fz1. im not to familiar with these bikes so can someone tell me whats best for him. it doesnt have to be one of those 3 bikes. Hes 6 ft. and 160 lbs if it matters. Thnx

TommyB :)
I had 15yrs experience with dirt bikes before I got my first street bike....a BUSA....shouldn't be a problem....get him a 10r or a busa....don't make him get some POS...get him a BUS!!!! :laugh:

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Depends on what he wants TommyB. Comfort? Speed? Handling? Reliablity? Insurance price? Bike price?

There are a lot of things to factor when buying a bike.

the fz1 is going to be a slug compared to the other 2. If he has been riding sportbikes for years, it will be boring, unless he's a cruisin kind of guy. the 10r will be a sweet ride. But its a 1st generation kawasucki. 929s are proven and pretty mean. Need more info to help ya out.
Just check insurance rates before he buys. I won't have a Busa for a while :sad: . At 23 and a near perfect driving record (10 kph over, the prick) my quote is over $5000 a year. Spring of '05 baby... I just hope they update it before then.