HP Question


Hey Brothers and Sisters,

What is the average hp at the wheel for a stock 2001 busa?

I was at a yamaha/kawasaki dealer when on of the sales guys asked me what bike I rode and I responded with only the best....busa...after he got over being jealous he began to talk up the new ZX-10R..talking about that it has more horsepower at the wheel..I told him he is full of it...he said look it up..so I did...as far as I can tell it has about 154-160 hp at the wheel...Now as far as I know the busa has about 180..am I correct?...or am I the dumb poop that doesn't know how to answer this question about his woman..I mean bike...

Don't know about the 01, but from what I have read the 03 is 156hp at the rear with 99 foot lbs torque.....But sometimes what you read is bull#@*$ too, ya know

EVERYONE HAS AN ANSWER.....MOST OF THE TIME ITS THE WRONG ONE....especially some salesmen! But i don't have all the answers either.