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Out of cusiosity are we required to wear certain gear at the meet and greets?  

I have read on some group rides that orgs have they want everyone that is in their riding group to be full geared up.

I have a jacket, icon jeans, gloves, helmet, just no real riding boots.

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Wear what you got, just keep improving for your own safty. We (or I ) accept anyone who rides, just not squidley
. I always dress for the accident that I don't plan on having
. I just think I'am worth alot more than the total amount of the gear I wear to protect me. But, Your Welcome to ride with what you got
Helmet, Jacket, Jeans, Gloves, and some kind of boots.  In my younger days, I wore no gear.  

No riding pants, yet.

The gear you have will be fine. Boots are a good thing to have but can be expensive. Check out the boots available at newenough.com. They are in Texas, and ship fast. They had some Joe Rocket boots the other night, and they were cheep!
As far as pants go, the dragin jeans are nice. Thier heavy, warm and very durable. And only about 80 dollars.
I went with the Icon Recon jeans. They are a little cooler with a mesh crotch for Texas
The Icon Jeans are very nice ! Check out Newenough.com for killer deals and the Best service!
i got my first pair of icon jeans from bacharles through one of the auctions a couple weeks ago...they are so much more comfortable than the jeans and/or leathers i have worn in the past
i wear knee armor under my jeans [aside from my icon jacket and boots].

i think the knee armor is mx riding gear. i picked it up off the wall in the mx section at the dealership. upper and lower straps, cushion protection inside with plastic outside, protects shin and knee.
Full Joe Rocket 2 pieace leathers with boots and gloves or if im going to the store or to get some food I wear jeans with ICON lower leg protection under my jeans,Icon leather gaunlet gloves,Icon Timax Jacket and boots and of course full face Icon Helmet.Ive had Draggin Jeans on order since November in the Utility pant it looks like a painters pant.
Joe Rocket Alter Ego Pants and Jacket.



Alpine Stars Stunt boots


Icon Pursuit gloves (for summer)


Shoei RF1000 lid


And cool gear socks and head rag



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